5 New Social Media Tools Worth Watching

Every day, the importance of social media sites increases. As a result, social media tools are becoming more significant to internet marketers today.
It’s quite hard to imagine marketing a site without using popular social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.
Well, you’re not alone in your social media marketing mission.
There are numerous tools and platforms that can provide assistance in achieving your goals. Here are the top five tools that you should give a try:

1. PropelAd

PropelAd is a tool that is very helpful to internet marketers that promote posts on Facebook.
Apparently, promoting a post cannot be based on mere subjectivity alone.
PropelAd offers you a more calculated approach to picking Facebook posts to promote and what posts you can make the most out of your money.
Further, PropelAd will help increase your audience reach and analyze the results. Know more about this tool at https://www.propelad.com.

2. IFTTT (If This Than That)

IFTTT is a tool that allows you to set predefined actions based on specific triggers on different channels.
These channels include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social media platforms. IFTTT helps in making your social media sites more organized and in sync.
For instance, if you post a status on Facebook, you can automatically set the action to post on Google+.
It’s just one of many ideas. Go to https://www.ifttt.com to learn more.

3. Little Bird

What will the Little Bird tell you? This tool will actually help improve your social media presence by letting you know which people you must connect with.
Basically, Little Bird will point you to the right conversations with the most influential people that will help build your presence in the social media sphere.
Further, this tool will help you measure and build your influence as well as help build your expertise on a certain topic. Get to know the little birdie at http://www.getlittlebird.com.

4. LiveTweetApp

If you’re very focused on your Twitter account, having the LiveTweetApp is a must.
You won’t miss any tweet and you can specify the mentions, users, words, phrases and hashtags you want to follow. You can moderate the tweets you want displayed.
Moreover, you can choose how to display the tweets: as a poster, as a widget or as a slide show. LiveTweetApp is fully customizable and mobile optimized.
Give it a try here: http://www.livetweetapp.com/en/.

5. Mention

Last but certainly not the least is Mention, a powerful application that will enable you to monitor media and social networks.
The simple tool can monitor millions of sources. You can use Mention to share alerts to users and team members.
You can get real-time alerts for new mentions, email and push notifications.
You can access this tool in any device. In addition, you can use its statistics and data export tool for analysis.
With Mention, you can react quickly and efficiently; no time is wasted.
Read more about Mention here: https://en.mention.net/.
Social media and internet marketing are often intertwined and these tools will assist you in working more efficiently towards your goals.
There’s no reason why you should refuse to grab an extra set of helping hands if it can make your life a whole lot easier.
These five social media tools are worth your time so make sure to check them out and see what works best for you.
Also, is there anything in particular you’d like to mention as the tool #6?
Azalea P. is a writer and a team member at newInternetOrder.com – a site where you can get advice on online business for normal people.
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