The Most Popular Backyard Fountains

The Most Popular Backyard Fountains

Installing a nice backyard fountain can provide a wonderful ambiance for the yard. Since there are so many styles and types of fountains available, it can be challenging to find one that you appreciate. It is important to consider which one will work best for your backyard to improve your home’s aesthetic appeal. Here are some of the popular backyard fountains you can choose from.

Create a Plan

Before you go to the store and buy a Roman-inspired fountain, you need to figure out how much space you have to work with. If you don’t have enough room for the fountain you buy, it won’t enhance your backyard. You want the fountain to fit in with the design style of your backyard. Create a list of the features you would like the fountain to possess. Would you like a fountain that sprays? How about a fountain with a bubbling water feature, cascading water, or a trickle of water coming down? You need to create a plan for what fountain features and size you desire in order to choose the right fountain for your home. Another consideration is the preferred material you would like your fountain to be made from. Would you prefer a fountain made from concrete, copper, millstone, faux-stone, or glass fiber? Since there are multiple options available, it is important to make sure you know the difference between the materials and how they withstand the weather in your area.

Free-Standing Fountain

Free-standing fountains are a popular backyard fountain. This fountain style typically includes a lower bowl where water will stand. The water is pumped from this bowl up into a fountain that allows the water to trickle back down to the bowl. Free-standing fountains often include a number of designs such as ethereal angels, fish, mermaids, and children. They also come in tiered styles. Free-standing, tiered fountains add some unique characteristics to a backyard as they are often seen in Spanish-style patios. An advantage of free-standing fountains is their easy installation. You simply plug the motor in for the fountain to run, and connect it to a water source to get started. Some homeowners can choose to move the fountain to different areas of the yard, which can be neat if you want to continue changing the design of your backyard.

Rock Waterfall

Recently, rock waterfalls have become a popular choice for homeowners seeking to improve the look of their backyard. The rock waterfall fountain features artificial rocks that are laid out like a small stream. These waterfalls include a small rise where the water source is connected with a pump, and the water slowly trickles downhill to a holding pond. If you have a small backyard, the rock waterfall may not look as impressive.

Wall Fountain

If you have a swimming pool, adding a wall fountain to the side where the water cascades into the pool is a unique feature. If you don’t have a pool, a wall fountain is still a great option. The wall fountain has a flat-back and takes up less space than many other fountains. You can attach the fountain to a fence or to a wall of your home. Consider adding it to a section of fencing and including greenery around the fountain to make it appear as part of the natural landscape.

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