Tarot Reading: science or occultism?

If you have not been to a tarot reader before, we are sure that you have seen those in movies, in newspaper ads and even on TV. Tarot Reading is considered science by some, but also occultism and a swindle by others. However, as this is practiced for millenniums now, and many of the previsions made by tarot readers were true, we incline to say that tarot is one of the best foreseeing sciences, a mysterious and fascinating way of finding out what you would do in the upcoming months or even years. Let’s see the main characteristics of Tarot, so you could decide if this is science or only random guessing.
There are 78 tarot cards, in different versions, painted in different ways. The symbolism of those cards is the same. Arkan is an ancient word that means secret or mystery. Every card represents a mystery that will be revealed through Tarot Reading, but only the initiates are able to interpret and understand the signification of Arkans.
The major Arkan

The cards from the major Arkan symbolize the everyday life. Amongst those cards, there are major lessons of life, major changes, and the true development of mind. A part of Tarot Reading specialists only uses the major Arkans, but if you want precise results, you should consult a tarot reader that is able to use the minor ones. There are 21 major arkans, including the Bishop, The Emperor, the Star and the Lovers, covering all the aspects of life and being able to give us everything that we need to know about ourselves and people around us.
The minor Arkan

The minor Arkan is composed of 56 cards, displaying happenings from the everyday life of people. The minor Arkan is formed of four major groups, the Bats, the Cups, the Spades and the Pentagrams.
The logic of tarot is numerology. When you want to understand Tarot Reading, you will have to remember that each card is connected with another. This connection is made by numerology. By putting a number along with an element, you will have an immediate idea about the symbolism of the card.
The Court Cards
It is one of the most difficult parts of Tarot Reading for beginners. Even if you know the theory, you will have to know that those cards reveal different things for different people, even if they appear in the same combination. Moreover, the facts displayed by those cards can be connected with us and with people around us.
The Elements in tarot are in fact groups of cards that differentiate them. There are fire, earth and water elements, and every tarot card is a part of one of those groups.
Bad Cards
There are some bad cards in Tarot Reading that can always be interpreted as bad news, even if some readers would try to “force” those to look a lot better. Let’s face it, bad things happen in life, and it is better to be prepared than to be cheated, so don’t be afraid to ask the truth from your tarot reader.
About the Author: Nivia Davidson writes about Tarot Cards, visit her website for free tarot reading.