School Days: 3 Activities That Prepare Kids For A Successful Future

As an adult, I often think about how my school years had a big influence on my personality and the way I relate to others. Unless you were home schooled, there are basic school experiences we can all relate to. For example, knowing exactly where to go when the bell rings or the bliss of finding out you got a top row locker.

Don’t believe me? Let me share 3 things that impacted my life and shaped my character, and you tell me what you think.

1. Protecting My Locker

My school locker was my very first piece of real estate. It was an education in learning to protect my castle (so to speak). Outside the comfort and safety of my own house where my parents reigned, my locker was my personal responsibility. Simple things like remembering a padlock combination and keeping it secret taught me about privacy and accountability.

No wonder the locker security industry has evolved so much. Kids nowadays are handed top-of-the-line locks designed by specialized companies. I’ll leave a link to a locker locks distributor here so you can see how combination locks have evolved.

2. Riding the School Bus

Not my favorite transportation option, I must confess. However, I remember having to deal with all sorts of personalities and making a strong effort to focus on the positive. It is a great tolerance exercise and it teaches young students to share and respect a basic service. Not to mention respecting an authority figure like the bus driver and adjusting to a schedule.

You may have taken the free school bus rides of your youth for granted, but no more. Once you are in the real world paying out of pocket for your bus and train fares, you miss the days of waiting with friends at the corner and sharing a few laughs. That sure beats pushing through crowds of strangers to catch your train. Let’s not even get started on how expensive gas prices can be. Oh, the simple pleasures of riding the school bus.

3. Eating in the School Cafeteria

For most, school cafeterias are not usually filled with healthy choices. This was not my experience, in fact, there were plenty of healthy choices to choose from. I didn’t necessarily appreciate it at the time, but I now understand my classmates and I dodged several unhealthy bullets thanks to the efforts of our school administration. According to this Occupy Theory article, two out of three middle school students who eat lunch provided by schools in America suffer from obesity issues. I am absolutely grateful for my school cafeteria for those recurring vegetables on the side of my lunch plate.

And as simple as that, padlocks, school bus rides and healthy lunches shaped my character and taught me how to be a conscientious adult.

What about you? How did your school years influenced your life as an adult? Share your thoughts below and get the conversation started. Who knows? Current students might be reading and realize that their dull and routine school days have a purpose.