Samsung Introduces its Latest Smartphone app-Knox Security

Nowadays, scheme of Bring Your Own Device or popular known as, BYOD to job is getting popular day by day so, it will not be unexpected to see renowned company Samsung to followed the footsteps of Reliance Ltd. of creating SAFE on their one of the most popular launches i.e. Galaxy S3, to allow encryption and practical private Networking. Thus, makes effort to add attractiveness to their products for the company.

The enterprises are emphasizing on taking the application ahead with the launch of the new and innovative Knox services, which can now allow the organizations to introduce and supervise a container for business information and applications. The National Security Agency or NSA developed this system to indicate that whether this system is as efficient as the FortKnox.

Hence, at present the range of Smartphones that runs on the Android operating system will have 2 panels. Out of which, the first one is for private information while the other panel is for the company. This application is developed in partnership with the Centrify. The management that controls the services of Knox app shall be provided via the Active index infrastructure that already exists in the system.

With the launch of this app, Samsung Company has turned their gadgets into safe and company-friendly devices and they are trying to take their Research work ahead. As said by the Centrify representatives, this specific feature is an ideal device to offer a clear partition between business and play. It allows both, venture management and worker satisfaction.

Mobile gadgets with Knox services included in them can store up browser; associate group effort, commercial intelligence applications and Emails in a safe penal. This recently launched device is also capable of providing safety to its users from malware, virus and other web intimidation by encrypting the document at system stage with the assistance of the Android (SE).

The separation that includes the organization data will be supervised by the Information Technology branch of the company, while the other phones are kept for the user’s to access them as per their conveniences. This can help with the issues related to the leaking of significant organizational information or trading clandestine through the system of BYOD. In addition, when an employee leaves the company, the Information Technology branch can completely clean the organizational panel, leaving the personal information, files, images, etc. of the user’s, untouched.

The mobile phones and the separations can be managed by the 2013 version of Centrify for Cell phones that allows the companies to control devices through their Active index infrastructure. The Centrify system runs as a cloud service, connecting to the client’s Active index via the proxy server of the Centrify Cloud services.

Samsung says, Knox service will make the matter simpler for the developers. Now, the organizations don’t have to include centric aspects into their applications such as VPN comes with FIPS, etc. It is said, that Knox services will be soon introduced on some Galaxy gadgets devices, but there are no official statements of receiving this Smartphone feature.

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