What Your House Front Says About You

What Your House Front Says About You
The interior of your home is a chance for you to express interests, style and life experiences throughout, but only people you know well enough to invite into your house know what that looks like. There are others in your neighbourhood that aren’t lucky enough to know you that well, so they can’t see how you live at home, but that doesn’t mean they can’t make assumptions based on what’s outside.
Everything they see on face value gives them an impression of what you’re like, and there may be things you’re giving away that you didn’t expect. Everything from your car to how clean your bricks are can give the neighbours a clue of whether they’re keeping up with you or not.


This is one of the biggest elements in keeping up with the neighbours. Over the period of a few years you will notice that a single street can gradually upgrade their cars to keep up with the neighbours. They will often start with diesel BMW or Mercedes, then the neighbours will upgrade to a larger petrol engine, then the next door but one’s will get the Alpina or other oddly souped-up version of their peer’s vehicle.
Cleanliness of the car is obviously a big factor. If you have wheels to be proud of then make sure Fred & Betty next door can see it.

Plants & Lawn

A well-kept garden is the foundation of any proper British home. This statement is as true as it is made up on the spot.
A meticulously kept garden tells others that you do the same with your relationships, your finance and your career. You will be the envy of the street. Don’t believe it? Think back to that time when you discussed what happened to the family with the derelict garden. You’ve all done it.

Windows & Doors

On a similar level to the garden, the windows and doors of your home must emit brilliance. If you think of these things as portals in and out of your home they need to be well maintained. For the best doors please visit www.anglianhome.co.uk/doors/
Unfortunately, you don’t really get the gratification for having nice windows if you do, but you certainly get a bad one if your windows are grubby. If that really upsets you, take solace in the facts that decent quality windows will at least save you money on heating during the winter, and if they’re clean you will be able to peer out at all the people inside houses with their dirty single-glazed windows, shivering.