Responsible Health Measures For Busy, Single City Girls

Women today live in a modern and very fast paced world. As a result, the workaday life with its high level of social obligation can often be demanding for today’s urban woman.
While society has become more technologically advanced, the price that is paid for these new perks can be very high, particularly in terms of their demand on a woman’s time.
Unfortunately, it is all too easy to forget about regular health screenings and let time slip past the annual checkup times that doctors recommend.
While it may not seem like a big deal, the fact is that nearly 50 percent of all deaths in the country are actually related to preventable causes. Therefore, it makes sense for all women to make health screenings a priority on an annual basis.
Preventative Health Care
Typical annual health maintenance and prevention is not really all that involved. However, blood tests such as those for cholesterol and sugar levels can catch issues before they become big heart and diabetes problems.
Regular gynecological exams for STDs and mammogram screenings are much easier to deal with than the ramifications that can occur without them.
Just as important, if not more so, is mental health counseling for stress. The reason is that stress can put the body into a mode that creates other illnesses. In fact, stress is often the main culprit when lack of exercise and poor nutrition contributes to unhealthy weight issues.
For instance, it is important to isolate what is causing stress and take action to lessen it as much as possible.
This can be accomplished by taking stock of how time is being spent, eliminating as many things as possible and then combining or delegating tasks. This leaves time for important things like relaxation, diet and exercise.
Choice for Diet and Exercise

Women hear it every day – diet and exercise is important to maintain good health. Because so many other illnesses begin with a poor diet and lack of exercise, these are the number one things that women should invest in when it comes to their overall health.
Yet, the more busy a woman is, the more likely that she will have a difficult time choosing healthy eating habits and making time for exercise. Without your health, you are no good to your family or occupation, so make these positive lifestyle choices a priority.
Recommended Health Screenings
By following a few guidelines, it is easy to make preventative health care a priority. For instance, a breast self examination every month the week after the menstrual cycle is easy to remember since it is done on a monthly basis.
This simple task is essential to maintain the health of every woman. Below are some of the recommended maintenance guidelines to be aware of to ensure that tests are current to avoid future illnesses:
a. Cervical cancer screening
b. High risk human papilloma virus screening
c. Mammography
d. Cholesterol and lipid screening
e. Colorectal cancer screening
These tests can be ordered at any community healthcare center or from a private health test site which can be easily found online. These days discreet screening and accurate and confidential results are common practice.
Of course, the frequency and timing of health tests will also be dependent upon individual health histories and risk factors. A family doctor will advise you on how often certain tests should be taken.
In today’s technologically advanced world, all it would take to stay current on health exams is to put that all important annual checkup on the same technological calendar that has become such an integral part of daily life.
Set an alarm or reminder for the entry and annual checkups will no longer be forgotten. When you think about it, there is really no task more important for any woman than looking after her health.
It’s a lot easier to take on modern, busy, city life when you make a healthy and balanced mind and body a priority.

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