Overview Of War Thunder

War Thunder or more popularly known as World of Planes offers deep and personalized experience of aviation by letting the players to access and feel various planes’ models  along with thorough detail of cockpits, various upgradeable weapons and flying proficiency which can be sharpened and enhanced with every mission.
This game is developed by Gaijin Entertainment and it is hugely multiplayer online warfare flight simulator. War Thunder currently available in beta testing phase and thus continuously make small to big changes in order to enhance the game play and remove as many errors as possible.

Game Play

Ranges from World War II to Early Korean War era, this game includes all of their armored vehicles, aircrafts and ships.  Most of the maps of World of Planes (War Thunder) uses either directly or indirectly the battles of that era. You will get big sizes map in this game which varies from 65 km by 65 km to 100 km by  100 km to 200 km by 200km and they are planning to achieve more larger sizes map in future which may range 300km by 300 km

Development of War Thunder

The game was started to develop in the year 2009 by Gaijin Entertainment that took the experience of previous games of flight like Birds of Prey, IL-2 Sturmovik and Birds of Steel. It was earlier named as World of Planes but due to confusion of name with the name of its competitor World of Warplanes, as well as the expectation of Gaijin to add more in addition of aviation its name was changed to War Thunder.

Gaming Modes

There are basically four modes in War Thunder. These are as follows:

Arcade Battles

One of the most played gaming modes of War Thunder is Arcade Battle where two teams from different countries like German, American, British, Japenese and Russian have flights of planes. These are the 5 playable countries in this game. In this battle one can take 2 planes of same country but should be on different teams against each other. However you might not feel  it the real gaming mode of War Thunder.

Historical Battles

Historical Battles is more realistic gaming mode as compared to Arcade battles. The mechanics of flight and its damage is more realistic that means a plane can be shot down easily or if it maneuvered in a ruthless way then it will spin or fall down to stall.

 Full real Battles

Full real battle is considered as simulated gaming mode of War Thunder; however, it is not completely simulated. It is quite comparable to Historical Battle except it is little more realistic. The view range is restricted to first person view which is present in plane’s cockpit and you will feel realistic point in Flight Mechanics and Damage.

Custom Battles

Custom Battles is a gaming mode that is like a training mode for the game players. One can invite other players to join the game and play against bots. However this game play mode of War Thunder lessens the lags in some situations as compared with multiplayer servers. This mode is for enjoyment and one cannot gain experience even if he goes towards upper levels.
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