Outsmarting Burglars – Creative Gadgets That Keep Your Valuables Safe

Many of us have valuables hidden in different areas around the home for safekeeping instead of having them secured in a traditional safe hidden in a closet. However, if you are hiding these valuables in obvious places such as drawers, then perhaps you should reconsider putting them in the bank, a security deposit box or in storage.
If you really prefer to have your valuables stored at home, then you must consider hidden safes that are so creatively created to look like any other regular object with hidden compartments. This is a great way to outsmart burglars without having to exert any extra effort or spend a fortune on home security.

Creative Safes That Can Blend In Any Home

These safes are so creatively created to look like the real deal and they can be used in any home. If you are not keen on keeping your small valuables in external storage, then these safes are the best security safes for you.

  • Bread Safe

It looks like any regular loaf of bread, but with a hidden compartment for easy storage. You can simply place the safe in the bread basket along with real loaves of bread, but be careful not to forget that one loaf is a fake.

  • Lettuce Safe

If there are bread safes, then there definitely are veggie safes in the form of lettuces. While it looks so real and fresh, a lettuce safe actually carries a hidden compartment that can be accessed at the bottom. This lettuce safe allows you to hide small valuables in the vegetable compartment of your fridge which would be the last place for burglars to look for pricey items.

  • Pillow Safes

There are two types of pillow safes to choose from – the hidden wall safe pillow and the under pillow safe. The hidden wall safe pillow measures about 16 and 6.5 inches, with a 5 and 4 inches storage area. It looks like any ordinary pillow that you can simply hide your valuables in plain sight. The under pillow safe on the other hand is used under the head area of the mattress and the only way to get to it is by having the person sleeping on the bed to move.

  • Wall Socket Safe

All homes have wall sockets. Some homes have a few wall sockets, but others have a large number of them. This is why wall socket safes are ideal hiding compartments to store cash, pieces of jewelry or any small item. No one will guess that your wall socket is a safe and in fact, you can have as many wall socket safes in your home as you like.

  • Wall Clock Safe

This safe features a full functional wall clock having separate compartments inside. You can hang it anywhere in your home and never miss it. Who would think that a clock could be a safe?

  • Rock Safe

Rocks safes are easy to conceal especially if you have a small garden or a backyard, or even in a fish tank. It often measures about 10cm long, 6cm wide and 5 cm high, with a compartment measuring 7cm long, 4cm wide and 3cm high.

  • Soda Can Safe

This safe unscrews at the top so you can store your valuables in it and then placed inside the fridge along with other real soda cans.

  • Water Bottle Safe

The base of the water bottle can be unscrewed and pulled apart so you can make use of its compartment. It is a real water bottle and to make it look more convincing, the bottom part of the bottle just below the label is filled with water, as the area behind the label is the safe.

  • Candle Safe

This safe features a real candle that burn up to 4 hours allowing you to enjoy it as a design piece, room perfume and storage safe. The safe is a metal container that you can access at the bottom having a hidden seal. You can place it on a kitchen counter, in the bathroom and on the coffee table.

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