Astrology Reading – The Types

Astrology Reading – The Types

Astrology is the study of future pertaining to humans and their lives. It has existed for over centuries now and has explored newer dimensions. The beginning traces back to the 19th century and the belief of the people have only grown in the concept. This article in particular talks about the various types of astrology reading and on what basis are they classified.

Reading horoscopes is done on the basis of astrological charts, maps, sign charts, birth charts and more. The main idea behind all these is to gain information about the past and future of a particular person, his or her qualities, likes and dislikes, find compatible soul mates, and more. It works under the faith that all people who are born in the same month and at similar time and place are likely to demonstrate and portray similar personalities.

On the other hand, if two people are born in different months and have their zodiac signs contradict each other then the two individuals would not be able to gel that well among themselves.

Mundane astrology reading deals with making predictions related to financial conditions of companies, individuals or entire country, earthquake probabilities, wars and more. Sometimes it is also considered as “verdict astrology”. It is highly believed in the Hindu astrology where a lot of people even give names to their new born children using astrological predictions and signs.

Predictive astrology reading is one of the simpler types that only deals with informing people about the probable events that can occur in their lives in the coming future. This type of reading is often consulted by people before they have to make some kind of decision. Individuals relying on these beliefs never tend to open up, invest money, try something new or think out of the shell. They are continuously in the thoughts of the things that have been predicted and remain likewise.

Though it is not the best practice to follow, but a majority of people walk on the paths of such predictions imagining them to turn true. Apart from this, there are a lot of other psychics and interpreters that can be approached and consulted to get to know more about one’s future. Apart from these, a lot of people may be of a different mindset and may not believe in the authenticity of the predictions made based on mere positions of the suns, stars and planets.  For them there are other forms of astrological predictions such as tarot card reading, Chinese astrology, numerology, angel card reading and more.

All these work on various concepts that have come down after years of study, research and close observation of them and the predictions holding true. The present time requires a lot of measures to be concerned of and to get rid of extreme tensions and stress, people take the astrological consultation to get some relief or make action plans. This has struck the emotional and immature part of humans and is continuously driven by their beliefs in these astrological reading methods.