How To Survive A Car Accident . . . Financially That Is!

As unfortunate as this may be, many of us will probably be in one form of car accident or another. In 99% of car accidents, the other person will blame you, stating you caused the accident. Here are a few law tips for accidents; tips that will help you financially survive a car accident.

Think before you Speak

“…anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law…”

Heed the above words carefully. One of the most important law tips for accidents is to always to speak carefully. Whether you are narrating your incident to the police or telling your doctor your injuries, always think before you speak. Remember, anything can be held against you in the court of law.

Always Report the Accident

One of the most important law tips for accidents is to report the accident. No matter what happened, whose fault it is or how much damage was caused, always file a report with both your local authority and your insurance company.
This is because many states require that any and all car accidents are filed in an official police report prior to a court case. All insurance companies require an official report in order to protect you in court and/or provide benefits.
You can check this article here “6 important steps after a car accident” and learn who you should call after a car accident.

Never Admit Defeat

The worst thing you can do is admit defeat. In other words, never admit that the accident was your fault, even if it was. This is especially true at the scene of the accident. Remember, if they can’t prove anything, it was not your fault. But, if you can prove it was not your fault, then it was not.
In most cases, local police will ask for an official statement when they arrive on the scene. Therefore, never admit anything as it can always be used against you. In such cases, simply state that you are too dizzy to make a statement at the time and you will file an official report later. Of course, do tell them what happened but never say it was your fault – ever!

Follow your Doctor’s Orders

The one thing many people do not do is follow their doctor’s orders. The opposing party uses that against them and they end up losing their case. In case of a car accident, insurance companies require that you present your doctor’s prescriptions, orders and any medical certificates. If you have not been following your doctor’s orders, it can cause problems for your case.

Cooperate Happily

If any law tips for accidents are important, it’s that you should always cooperate when and where you can. If your insurance company asks you to narrate the event to them and if the local police ask you to give an official statement, do so after consulting your lawyer.
So long as you remember these law tips for accidents, you can rest easy. If the accident was not your fault, you will be entitled to a host of benefits. If it was your fault, you can reduce the financial impact of the accident.

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