FUT – The New Age Of Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is becoming an increasingly common method of treating male pattern baldness. Out of the many different hair transplant methods, follicular unit hair transplantation, or FUT, is the way to go. While you may not get the hair that you once had, it is still the industry standard when it comes to hair transplant methods. Here is a look why.

What is FUT?

FUT is the best hair transplant method available to people today. Through the use of high-resolution microscopes, a greater number of hair follicles can be moved. Moreover, with such precision the chance of a hair follicle breaking is very small.

How does it Work?

During FUT, a donor strip is isolated and removed just like it would in other hair transplant methods. Using high-resolution microscopes, doctors carefully pluck out each individual ‘unit’ of hair with micro punches. A unit of hair is a group of 1-4 follicles. Typically, 3-4 strands are moved at a time because hair generally grows well in clusters of 3-4 follicles.
One by one, each hair unit is transplanted into areas where hair loss is visible. For doctors, this is a painstaking and long procedure. For the lucky person undergoing the transplant, their life is about to get a whole lot better.

What are the Advantages of FUT?

When comparing hair transplant methods, the foremost question on everyone’s mind is why they should use FUT instead of a variety of other hair transplant methods. Here is a look at the many advantages of FUT, over other hair transplant methods. There is a great article here that describes a huge advantage of FUE “The use of FUE Beard Hair Grafts”

Coverage –

One of the most important elements of any hair transplant method is coverage. Coverage is the amount of area that is covered, and grows, during and after a transplant procedure. In comparison to other methods, FUT provides the highest coverage.

Natural Look –

Considering how carefully each hair unit is extracted from the donor strip and transplanted to the affected area, you receive the most natural look.

Easy Maintenance –

The great thing about FUT is that it has relatively easier maintenance regimes than other methods. This is because of the level of technology used in a standard FUT procedure.

Increased Transplant Rate –

Most other methods use cheap microscopes and equipment to extract hair from the donor strip. No matter how careful the doctor is, there is a high chance that the hair follicles break before they ever reach the transplant area. However, that’s not the case with FUT.
Considering the equipment used in a standard FUT procedure, the chances of hair follicles breaking prior to implantation is very low. This gives you a high transplantation rate.
Remember, regardless of what hair transplant method you choose to use, you will never have the same amount of hair that you once had. While I know it is hard to believe, and even harder to accept, it is the truth. However, as technology improves, the amount of hair that you have post-surgery can improve significantly. But only time will tell that tale

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Alex is a hair treatment consultant working in HDC international hair Transplant Clinic. He is specialized in FUE hair restoration method