Discover The 5 Benefits Of Using Data Centre Colocation Services

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If you own a small or medium size business and face IT challenges, colocation companies like ServerSpace have solutions for many of these daily issues. Learning exactly what a data centre colocation service is and how it can impact your business and minimize your IT challenges is the first step.

Discover The 5 Benefits Of Using Data Centre Colocation Services

What is a Data Centre?

When you utilize these data centre services, you are purchasing or renting space in another location. This is ideal for businesses that no longer wish to house their servers and IT equipment on-site. A colocation service will provide you with space, security, power resources and cooling that may not be able to be implemented on-site.

The services of a data centre can connect your company’s data to several different network service providers, as well as telecommunication solutions. This is easily done while reducing the cost and complexity of the services that your company might incur if the equipment was housed on-site. There is no question that the security and safety of your data is a top priority. This fact provides further reason to invest in data centre colocation, as the level of security that is offered is superior to any other option that is available.

The Benefits

The following benefits are offered by any business or company that opts to utilize the services of a data colocation provider.

  • Reduces the need for a large IT staff. This is perhaps the most appealing and important benefit that is offered by data centre colocation services. Your IT staff’s time and resources will be freed up in order to focus on other aspects of the business.

  • Cost effective: There are substantial fiscal savings possible for clients who opt to utilize data centre services. It is usually much cheaper to store your data with a particular provider than to have server’s onsite and the systems that require physical space, power and bandwidth.

  • Reliability: The reliability of data centres is usually much more than what a small or medium size business is able to achieve on their own. This is due to the fact that data centre colocation services are able to build a high level of redundancy for all aspects of the physical servers, which provides for very little down time for companies that opt to utilize this service.

  • Monitoring around the clock. Data centres provide 24 hour management and monitoring for their locations. Since small and medium businesses are typically not able to afford this level of services, this is an appealing advantage that is offered.

  • Specialized and custom services. You tell the data centre provider what you need and they can customize the services to fit your business.

The benefits that are offered by data centre colocation services will benefit small and medium sized businesses in significant ways. These services are offered at much more affordable rates than trying to implement the servers in house. Using the services of data centres will impact the entire structure of your business, including creating an improvement of the bottom line.


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