Disability Insurance In New York

If you suffer an injury or illness, on or off the job, you may need to seek out disability benefits. It can be a very trying time when the money that you rely on is not available to you because the injury or illness is hindering your ability to work. To further complicate the situation, you may not understand disability benefits and may overlook your entitlement to them.

What are Disability Benefits?

Disability this can vary benefits are sums of money that will replace a portion of your wages in the event that you are unable to work. These benefits could be payable to you whether you were injured on the job or not. In most cases the benefits are temporary, comprising 26 of the 52 weeks in a year; however, this can vary on a case to case basis.

What Portion of My Wages will be Replaced? 

The benefits that you may receive will be the equivalent of 50% of the wages you earn. This information is accurate as of 2006.

Where do I get Disability Insurance?

In NY, disability insurance can be obtained from an insurer who is authorized to offer these policies by the New York Workers Compensation Board. Alternatively, some larger employers are authorized to insure themselves and may require that you pay a contribution through deductions taken off your pay. It is essential that you be aware of the coverage that you have prior to needing it. Make sure that you have a copy of your policy and are familiar with your coverage.

How do I Apply for Disability benefits in New York?

In New York you will apply for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA), just as you would in other states; however, New York adds a twist. Before your application goes to the SSA it will be screened by the New York Division of Disability Department. This screening is to determine if you are even eligible to receive government benefits. Here are the steps that you should take in order to have your claim fully considered.

  • Gather any and all documentation relating to your illness or injury.
  • Include the names and contact information for all medical staff involved in your treatment.
  • Compile 15 years of work history, if possible, and detail what each job entailed.
  • Include any information regarding claims you may have previously filed.
  • Attach your income tax forms from the previous year.

All of this information will be used to determine:

  • If you are eligible
  • How much you have paid in social security
  • If you can do another type of work
  • How much you could receive in benefits

Completing an application for Social Security Disability benefits can seem to be a very daunting task. While it is not an impossible one, it can be challenging when you are already feeling mentally bogged down from your injury or illness. For this reason some firms have opened, such as Myler Disability, which will help you through the application process. The guidance that you receive from a professional who knows exactly what the DDD and SSA are looking for could be the difference between being approved and being denied. It can even help to streamline the process, and the quicker you get the application in, the less time you need to struggle without an income. Whatever way that you decide to apply, be sure that the information you provide is complete and truthful. If you are honest and organized, everything will be fine.