Cornhole – A Backyard Classic For Family Fun

Cornhole – A Backyard Classic For Family Fun

Cornhole is a classic game which you can find played everywhere from family backyards and school playgrounds to carnivals and amusement parks. There is good reason for game’s popularity – it offers simple but addictive and competitive fun.

Most importantly, cornhole is a great way to get the family outside and bring them together without putting a dent in your finances.

What Is the Attraction of Cornhole?

At first glance it seems like it might be interesting for no more than two minutes; however, cornhole can easily occupy even the most rambunctious members of the family for an entire afternoon and have them hankering to play some more.

The game consists simply of a wooden board with a hole, through which the competitors attempt to successfully toss a bean bag. There are different point values assessed for actually making it in the hole and for just landing on the board. Games can have as many players as you care to include, meaning that you can play just one-on-one, with the family or even invite the neighbors over for a game.

The game’s simplicity is part of what makes it so fun. Concentration and good aim are necessary to successfully toss the bean bag, but for even the youngest members of the family this is still a manageable feat. The game’s difficulty can be adjusted to fit players of any skill level by simply having that player start closer or farther away from the board.

Additionally, cornhole can help your children develop hand-eye coordination, as well as instill in them the virtues of teamwork and friendly competition, all while getting the whole family outdoors for some fresh air.

Where Can I Play?

Cornhole is a game which takes up very little space. Those with very modest backyards and even apartment dwellers are not excluded from the fun.

Or if you’re planning an outing to the beach or a park, the cornhole board can be easily disassembled, packed into the family car and then reassembled once you reach your destination. The game is highly adaptable to many different locales.

You can also make cornhole the centerpiece of your next gathering. If you having a few friends over for a backyard barbeque there is no reason not to break out the cornhole board as another fun party option for your guests. Neighborhood block parties are also an excellent setting for a game, and can offer you the chance to get to know some of your neighbors better.

How Much Does It Cost?

One of the most attractive aspects of cornhole is the accompanying price point. You can purchase a fully premade set for quite cheaply. Or if you’re more inclined, you can even make your own – which is a simple task requiring only a drill and a few woodscrews. Considering the exorbitant price tags which accompany other similar games, cornhole is sure to offer the best bang-for-buck that you’re likely to find.

In a world dominated by the array of expensive electronics occupying your pockets and purses, from you smartphone and your music player to you tablet, such a simple and pastoral activity as cornhole is a rare commodity.  This is especially true when you consider this cheap entertainment can bring so much quality family bonding.

And with all of the great benefits and unique aspects of this simple, affordable game it’s no wonder why cornhole has remained such an enduring and classic game, nor why it continues to survive and spread from one backyard to the next.

The simplicity and affordability of cornhole, combined with capacity for great family fun will ensure that the game will live on for many years to come and continue to bring people together for some good old-fashioned, lo-tech fun.

Julie Blom works for Custom Corntoss, a company that sells cornhole bags and boards.  She is also a mother of two who thoroughly enjoys using cornhole to facilitate family bonding!