How To Choose The Right Roman Shade Style For Your Home

Roman shades offer all the stylish benefits of draperies, but have the added benefit of being a blind as well. While Roman shades are available in a variety of styles, even custom Roman blinds, the most popular Roman shade styles include flat panel and tear drop/hobbled Roman shades.

Flat Panel Roman Shades

Flat panel Roman shades are very popular because the shade lays flat when closed. The fabric pleats truly look like beautiful draperies when closed, and easily cascade upwards to allow the sun to fill any room.

Tear Drop/Hobbled Roman Shades

Tear drop Roman shades, also commonly referred to as hobbled Roman shades, create a soft downward cascade of soft folds. This dramatic look is beautiful in the closed position, but easily pulls up also.

Choosing Which Type of Roman Shade is Right for Your Home

Once you understand what types of Roman shades are available, you can decide which one meets your decor needs. The flat panel Roman shade can be placed in virtually any room with great results. The tear drop/hobbled Roman shade is an easy way to add a bit of mystery or drama to any room. When you have decided which type of Roman shade is best, you will have to decide on the fabric opacity of the type of Roman shades you are going to place in your home as well.

Roman Shade Fabric Opacity Choices

Roman shades are available in a wide variety of fabric choices. From complete blackout material to completely sheer material, you can choose virtually any type of fabric possible for your new, cheap Roman shades. The most common Roman shade materials include sheer materials, semi-sheer materials, semi-opaque materials and room darkening fabrics.
When choosing a fabric opacity for your Roman shades, you will want to consider what you will be doing in the room where the Roman shades will be placed. For instance, if you are installing new Roman shades in your bedroom, you will probably not want a sheer fabric for your Roman blinds. Sheer Roman shade fabric will allow the sun, stars and annoyingly bright street lights to shine right into your bedroom window. If you are a light sleeper or sleep during the day, and work at night, you will not appreciate the sun shining in your eyes while you are trying to rest. The best bedroom Roman shade material is dark, possibly solid material. However, if you are going to put the Roman shade in an upstairs bathroom, you may want to consider a sheer, light colored shade.
The type of Roman shade style you choose is a personal choice. To make the best decision, consider your Roman shade expectations. The best way to determine whether or not the Roman shade will live up to your expectations is to think about all the things you will do in the room. Once you have found the type of Roman shade and the best material for your needs, you are ready to have your new Roman shades installed.

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