Biggest Competitions On UK TV

Biggest Competitions On UK TV

Competitions, contests and prize draws are usually free to enter and can offer big prizes, the biggest prizes can usually be found on TV. If it’s big prizes you’re looking for ITV is probably the best UK TV channel to watch when it comes competitions. TV competitions are often harder to win but you can be confident they are safe, genuine and you usually won’t get spammed with annoying emails, phone calls and texts. Be wary of spam when entering free competitions, make sure check the terms and conditions, some competitions sites are setup to collect emails and other contact info which is then sold on several times over – if something is free you are usually the product.

Most TV competitions are a bit different, ITV competitions do enable the TV channel to make money but not from selling the entrants info. ITV make money from their competitions because advertisers sponsor them and they have a premium rate number that people think they need to call to enter but they don’t, many of the ITV competitions can be entered for free by visiting the website just try searching Google, Bing or whatever search engine you use for ITV competitions and you will find a page where you can enter for free. Below are a few of ITV shows that currently have competitions:


The breakfast show Daybreak often has competitions, the current Daybreak competition is to win £30,000 cash and a Lidl supermarket dash. See more about it and get instructions on how you can enter by visiting

This Morning

This Morning is a daytime TV show currently presented by Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, virtually every week This Morning has a different prize draw and offers some really massive prizes. The show is currently offering a cash prize of £250,000.


X-Factor is probably the most popular prime time show at the moment, that shows popularity is going to mean there is a lot of competition for their current prize draw the winner of which will receive £20,000 cash, a Mercedes Benz and tickets to the final.

Loose Women

Loose Women is a lunchtime show which features a panel of women discussing topical issues, news and gossip. The show is currently offering a £15,555 cash prize.

Dickinson’s Real Deal

Dickinson’s Real Deal is an antiques show aired in the afternoons. The show travels around the UK and have a group of dealers who buy antiques and other collectables, antiques expert David Dickinson ensures the sellers get a fair price.

The current Dickinson’s Real Deal Competition is for a cash prize of £5,170.

The only problem with entering these competitions online is that ITV usually have a question that needs to be answered, the questions are rarely difficult but in order to know what the question is you need to watch the show, since most of the channels biggest prizes are offered on their daytime shows people who work can really miss out. There is a site, which lists all the latest ITV competitions, it also tells you the question and suggests an answer.