7 Things You Should Know Before Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

If you’ve been injured and are due compensation, it’s best to hire an attorney. Insurance companies have lawyers working for them full-time to try to get out of paying. If you don’t know the legal ropes, you’re at their mercy. Before hiring a lawyer, ask these critical questions.
1. Does This Attorney Have Experience in Your Particular Situation? 
All injuries are different. For example, a car accident isn’t the same as being hit by a commercial vehicle, such as a semi-truck. Slipping and falling in the grocery store is different from an accident that occurs on the job. Make sure the attorney you hire has practical experience in the type of injury you received.
2. Does This Attorney Have the Time to Devote to Your Case?
Unfortunately, some attorneys deal in quantity, not quality. If your attorney fills his offices with clients through TV or radio ads, he’s probably looking to take on as many cases as possible, making a little off each, and never really focusing on giving clients individual attention. Get one successful enough to have a solid business, but not so overwhelmed he can’t focus on you.
3. Can You Reach the Attorney Easily When You Have Questions?
When you call the office can you get the attorney on the phone? If not, does he promptly return your call? If not, you’ll want to find someone who does. Though the legal process is lengthy, if you don’t have an attorney who’s responsive to your questions and needs it will take much longer than necessary.
4. Can the Attorney Explain Things So They’re Easy to Understand?
Some attorneys want to impress you with their vast legal knowledge, others just don’t know how to explain complex legal terms and situations to an average person. Find an attorney who is able and willing to explain things in a way you can understand. Look for someone who doesn’t mind speaking in layman’s terms.
5. Is the Attorney Willing to Settle Without a Lawsuit?
It’s not always necessary to go to trial to get what you deserve for your injuries. Often, a good attorney can negotiate a good settlement with the insurance company, which is cheaper and faster than the court process. If the attorney is dead set on going to trial whether it’s in your best interests or not, find one who’s willing to negotiate a good settlement.
6. Is the Attorney Up Front About Additional Fees?
If your attorney doesn’t take the time to explain his fees, extra expenses, how much you’ll have to pay back to the insurance company, and other issues that affect your final award, he’s not being honest with you. You shouldn’t have to ask him this information. If he isn’t forthcoming with it, he’s misleading you and you need to find another lawyer, such as one at TexTrial.
7. Are the Attorney’s Promises too Good to Be True?
An attorney who guarantees you anything is lying. There is never a guarantee when it comes to injury settlements. The process takes time, even if you’re negotiating a settlement out of court. Trials take much longer. If your attorney makes promises that are impossible to keep, find another one immediately.
The good news is, there are plenty of attorneys out there who can help you. Just don’t get sucked in by one who can’t or won’t meet your needs.