Take a look at some of the top multi-platform mobile app tools

Multi-platform mobile apps are quite a trend these days with each platform having its unique and diverse behavior, features and capabilities. It provides a developer the scope for developing the best cross-formatted apps rather than draining out his resources for only a few platforms at one go.

The Top multi-platform app tools:

·    RhoMobile: Rhodes offered by RhoMobile is the open-source framework based on Ruby which allows the developer to develop native apps that span over a fascinating range of Smartphones and OS’ including iPhone, Windows Mobile, Android, Symbian, and RIM. With the RhoMobile framework you need to code once only. For building apps for a majority of Smartphones this app is perfect. The job gets easier with good speed and accuracy as native apps are good working with the available hardware. The other tool for developers from RhoMobile is RhoHub. It is a hosted development environment. With RhoSync it is possible to keep all the data of app currently on the Handhelds of the users.

· PhoneGap: This app allows developers to make excellent apps for Palm, Symbian, Android, iTouch, iPad, BlackBerry and iPhone devices. Standard web development languages like JavaScript and HTML are used by this platform. The advantage of PhoneGap is it lets the developer work with GPS/location, camera, accelerometer, sound and many more device hardware features. The Adobe AIR app is additionally offered by PhoneGap. The online training courses let the developers have access to native API’s and create apps on its own platform. PhoneGap takes pride in winning the great acclaim at Web 2.0 Expo, 2009 Launch Pad event in San Francisco. The app developers for hire can help the businesses by developing apps that escalate their revenues.

 · Appcelerator: Appcelerator offers Titanium Development Platform that helps in the development of native mobile, desktop and tablet apps by means of web programming languages like PHP, HTML, Ruby, Python and JavaScript. The advantage of Titanium is that it offers easy access to more than 300 APIs and location information. Titanium empowers more than 1,000 native apps on a monthly basis. Apart from this, Appcelerator also provides customisable metrics for events and actions.

·  MoSync: Based on standard web programming, this is FOSS multi-platform app development SDK tool. MoSync includes support for PHP, JavaScript, Python, Ruby and Eclipse-based IDE for C/C++ programming. The advantage of the SDK is that it offers lots of useful tools like libraries, device profiles, integrated compilers, runtimes and others. With MoSync provides support for various kinds of OS’ that includes Symbian, Windows Mobile, Moblin, Android, and a mobile Linux distro. With the release of MoSync 2.4 support for and BlackBerry and iPhone OS is coming soon.

· WidgetPad: This app provides open-source, collaborative environment for Smartphone app development. WidgetPad uses standard web technologies like HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3. WidgetPad can be used for developing apps for the Android OS, WebOS and Ios. Source code editing, debugging, collaboration, project management, distribution and versioning are included in this platform.

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· Whoop: Whoop lets you do some cross-formatting; the WYSIWYG editor of the Whoop Creative Studio allows you to drag and drop mobile app elements onto it easily for achieving the desired effects.

With the help of these multi-platform developer tools for cross-formatting mobile applications the developers can achieve their aims easily.

About the author: Harry Miller has been working as an app developer for one of the leading mobile application companies for five years now. He has published several articles on the latest technologies in the field of mobile apps and the app developers for hire. He follows technology journals on a regular basis and here he is sharing his valuable knowledge with us on Mobile app development – Top multi-platform app tools.