7 Reasons You Need to Have a Mobile Version of Your Website

Smart phones and tablets mean a larger audience of users often missed by full-sized webpages. Mobile versions allow on-the-go users to access information as desired, which can be vital for business. Some argue that a mobile version is unnecessary and pointless, but here are 7 reasons why a mobile version is vital.
Wider Audience
Surprisingly, some people have abandoned the use of a computer entirely and rely only on their smartphone or tablet to get them through the day. Without a mobile version, many users struggle on a full-sized site, scrolling and becoming frustrated trying to view the information they need. This frustration can send users elsewhere, which can be a huge blow for a business.
Competition with Big Names
A vast number of businesses and bloggers do not yet have a mobile version, but big players such as Facebook, Google and Amazon, already do. Simply by creating a mobile version, that business will be in the race, competing with other big names, which is ideal. Many customers prefer “local” companies and products, so smaller companies with mobile sites are more likely to attract these customers, adding to the consumer base.
Search Engines
With how diverse the internet is, it is not surprising that mobile websites are indexed separately from full sized websites. That means someone searching on their phone may only see mobile sites and vice versa when searching on their computer. In other words, a standard website may be missed entirely.
Real Time Information Retrieval
One of the biggest benefits of a mobile site is real time information retrieval, or “instant gratification.” When out and about, some people need to know something right on the spot, such as the location of a business or the cost of a product at multiple retailers. An accessible mobile site allows this to happen.
Speed Matters
Most importantly, a full-blown website can take significantly longer to load on a small phone or tablet, in comparison to a mobile version of that same site. Mobile versions tend to have quicker load times and run more efficiently on a mobile device. In today’s impatient society, it’s obvious why a quicker load time is important.
Size Matters
A website that is too big for the screen is frustrating for a mobile user. Size matters, especially when an increasing number of people rely on their mobile device for information. A website that fits the device is more user-friendly, which will encourage a user to return, again and again.
If you’re a business, it is worth noting that mobile users make up a large portion of online purchases. Some companies estimate that more than half of all purchases come from a mobile device, which is worth considering for a new or slowly growing business.
A mobile version may not seem necessary, but it can make all the difference. Mobile users are expected to overtake desktop users within a few years, depending on various models. Between increased speed times and a wider audience base, having a mobile site can be great for business, no matter what type of business.
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