5 Tips For Designing Your Retail Store Layout

It is a sad and sorry fact that starting a retail business can be as much about limiting what you do wrong as maximising what you do right.
So it can make sense to use a professional outfitter to create and implement your retail store layout, leveraging off their experience to avoid common problems.

1. Plan

The key to success is always planning well ahead of time before starting anything.
You need to research the competition,
the proposed location of the store, finalise the store concept, and the budget.
More decisions follow: the choice of fittings on the market;
to select specialist equipment or display cases, and
their arrival and installation.
You also need time to select your preferred outfitter – the best are often the busiest.

2. Hire an Interior Designer

A professional interior designer can transform a space from being adequate to simply stunning.
Cost is often an issue when opening a new store; the budget can be spent several times over.
But it is well worth tapping into the creativity and experience of a professional designer, even if only for an hour or two of their time.
What an interior designer will give you are personalized, tailor-made solutions that suit your projects, budget and requirements.

3. Exterior and Interior Congruency

Your shop front is the defining advertisement for your business. It should reflect your store concept and demonstrate what you are selling.
Signage (both outside and inside the store) and store fittings should be compatible with this store concept and your stock.
If you give an impression of a clean, fresh, fashionable store on the outside then the fit out should be equally clean, fresh and minimalist.

4. Lighting is Critical

This is where hiring a good interior designer pays off. Correct lighting can make or break the store’s ambiance.
If you choose not to hire a professional for advice, try a variety of lighting options and positions.
Take pictures of the different set-ups so you can determine which one showcases your merchandise the best.
Colour can be an endlessly debated topic. Don’t be afraid of using it, just don’t overdo it.

5. Getting the Right Shopfitter

When gathering shop fitting quotes, look for a shop fitter who knows your particular business and understands your store concept and purpose.
Is it to rebrand a store? Increase sales and foot traffic? Create sales hot spots?
Or maybe create a more ambient atmosphere so customers linger and stay a while in your store?
If you are looking for a professional shopfitter in Sydney consider TU Projects who have long successful track record there.
Well planned shop fitting is a simple but effective way of attracting customers into your shop.
Good planning can also make use of limited space available, both in the retail and the stockroom areas.
The plan should include adjustable shop shelving to allow flexible display options,
and flat and angled shelving to display different kinds of merchandise, and layout optimized to suit employee workflow
Written by Daniel Lewis.  When Daniel isn’t working for one of the best shopfitters in Australia he likes socializing, meeting new people, and trying new cuisines.