5 Supplements That Melt Fat

Yes, losing weight is hard but the bigger fight is ensuring that the weight lost remains lost for good.
You can lose weight by supplementing your diet with nutrients that empower your body to burn more fat.
In order to lose weight effectively you need to combine he supplementary nutrients with exercise and a healthy diet plan.
The purpose of this article is to highlight 5 supplements that melt fat effectively.
These supplements ensure that you lose weight in a healthy manner without having to result to drastic steps such as starving yourself.
Focus on these fat melting supplements and you will finally lose weight as well as keep it off for good.

Vitamin D

The vitamin D supplements works by ensuring that your body responds to the insulin being secreted by your pancreas.
The importance of insulin to the body is that, it helps push glucose into the body’s cells which in turn, burn the glucose in order to supply the body with energy.
The more sensitive your cells are to insulin (this is called insulin sensitivity) the more glucose you are expected to burn. Therefore, your body is less likely to form many fat cells.
A reduction in the amount of Vitamin can lead to:

  • An increase in the levels of parathyroid hormone: this hormone is responsible for, fat cells converting sugar into fat and preventing the body from burning the fat to produce energy.
  • It can also interfere with the production of leptin hormone: this hormone signals your brain that you are full and therefore should stop eating.

Lack of the hormone means that you will just continue to eat.


Research shows that omega-3 has the ability to assist the body lose weight. This is by activating the enzymes that are responsible for burning fat.
Omega-3 just like vitamin D also improves the production of leptin which signals the brain to turn down your appetite.
In addition to this the supplement also helps boost your mood; this can help reduce emotional eating. Sources of the omega 3 supplement are:

  • nuts and seeds
  • fish
  • over the counter supplements


Polyphenols are a type of antioxidant that is responsible for boosting one’s health and metabolism. These antioxidants are found in green tea.
Whenever you feel cold or hungry drink a cup of green tea and it will warm and soothe you, this will help reduce cravings and hunger.
By boosting the body’s metabolism polyphenols help the body to burn fat.


Calcium is a type of mineral that can help the body to shed off fat.
Calcium is stored in fat cells; according to research the more calcium stored the more that cell will release fat to be burned.
The other benefit of calcium is that it binds fat into the body’s GI tract therefore preventing it from being absorbed into the bloodstream.


Protein is a supplement that can be used to curb hunger as well as reduce weight.
During the process of weight loss the body can lose a lot of muscle mass; the benefit of protein is that it prevents this from happening.
You will therefore lose weight in a healthy manner and even grow stronger in the process.

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The guest post is written by Daniel Crieg from behealthy24.com, a website that contains information on home remedies, skin care and beauty.