Contemplation; Think Beyond This World

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To admire or think about anything is called contemplation. Sometimes it seems hard to focus on your goal or concentrate on one particular goal. Contemplation is brain activity which actives our brains. Latest research has proved that contemplation, the thinking and spiritual activity can enhance physical performance. Health science is now going to acknowledge the importance of the relationship of body and spirit. While on existing on earth, spiritual life is beneficial for us.  Life has become less depressed with the religious beliefs and spiritual. It says that people who have religious values don’t suffer as much and can tackle obstacles manly. The religious activities like praying, meditation and mindfulness that effect positive aspects in mind. Its change our views and shifts the thinking mode from one aspect to another. We can use contemplation in may ways.

Usage of it

You can use contemplation in a number of ways to explore the idea or theme behind a poem or a script. One can compare his or her ideas to the real one and can access to the highest sublime level. Here are some steps of contemplation.

Beneficial for you

Take a favorite scripture, poem or an inspirational story.  Accommodate yourself in the peaceful corner of the house, sit comfortably. And read the text. It’s depend over you what you want? Either you want to read it loudly or silently. Do whatever you want. Now the next step is to close your eyes and think deeply for a while about the meaning behind the story or text. Do you relate it to the universe or with your personal feelings? Either things in the text are acceptable or not, just ask some questions to you regarding the text. And then you will be able to conclude your position in the universe or purpose of your life. Now science has given us a chance to study the natural world which God has created for us. Think about the miracle of surrounded us. We can not perform well or even can’t understand this text without our fresh and active mind. We cannot perform well. Sometimes we imagine thought to understand. Relate a sketch to our brain. Thus these changing in brain lead us to a peaceful feeling and hopes. Science has proven now the completion is highly best for health. Contemplation means to explore the personalized truth and spiritual bonding. It’s a tour to explore your inner feelings and to enhance your mental activities.

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