Getting A Good Night's Sleep In A Hotel

Some of us find that when we stay in a hotel we sleep like a log because everything is just so comfortable. Others find that being away from our home comforts and in an unfamiliar bed keeps us up tossing and turning all night. When you stay in a hotel, whether because you’re on holiday, away on business or visiting friends or relatives, there are a number of measures you can take to ensure you get a good night’s sleep.

Pack your own pillow

A lot of the time the main reason we cannot sleep in hotels is because the beds are so unfamiliar. Packing all your own bedding is impractical and over the top, but taking your own pillow can be the solution you are looking for. Your pillow will smell like home and feel familiar even when the rest of your surroundings are strange.

Cut out all light/noise

Hotels are usually full of other people who may not keep the same social hours you are used to. People passing your door in the corridor in the early hours of the morning talking, hallway lights being switched on and off and unfamiliar sounds from outside can all conspire to keep us awake at night. Sleep masks are fantastic for blocking out light as you sleep. Earplugs or noise cancelling headphones will keep out most of the noise, although many people find them uncomfortable for sleep.

Don’t raid the mini-bar

It can be very tempting to down a couple of alcoholic drinks when you can’t sleep, especially if there is a fridge full of them right next to the bed. Alcohol may send you to sleep but it isn’t the same as real sleep. Usually you are passing out instead. A couple of hours later the alcohol in your bloodstream is converted into sugar, giving you a sugar rush which will wake you up and keep you awake.

Choose the best hotel you can afford

You don’t need to stay in five star accommodation every time you go away but you can still have standards. There are plenty of wonderful budget hotels with every possible comfort and amenity you could wish for. If you arrive and find you are sleeping in a room with no curtains and flashing neon signs outside the window, don’t stand for it. Even the tightest holiday budget can stretch to a Travelodge. A proper bed is an essential tool for getting a good night’s sleep, so don’t accept anything less.

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