5 Beauty Tips to Help Your Man Stay Attractive

It comes without much surprise that men, on average, spend about seven minutes less grooming themselves in the morning than women. Although much of this has to do with the lack of applying cosmetics, there are five simple beauty tips that men could borrow from the daily routine of women to help improve and maintain their overall attractiveness.

1. Separate Soaps

Most men use the same soap on their faces that they use to wash their body, and this has been known to lead to breakouts. All-purpose soaps are prone to drying the sensitive areas of the face, and using a specially-formulated soap can greatly enhance appearance.

2. Conditioner is Not Just For Long Hair

There is a misconception that conditioner is used to help manage long hair. While it’s true that it does help brush and untangle longer locks, it can also help make a man’s shorter hair appear shinier and healthier. Leave-in conditioner in the summer can even prevent sun bleaching.

3. Get the Right Summer Clothes

When your man is getting ready for summer, make sure you take him out to get some nice, fashionable clothes. Do your research to find out some upcoming summer fashion trends, like stripes and v-necks. Check out fashionable sites like www.reemclothing.com/Mens-Clothing/Second-Sunday-Designer-Clothing.html to get the best deals and summer fashion finds for your man.

4. Skin Safety

Men don’t often lay out in the sun in their bathing suit to get a tan; however, many have admitted to engaging in outdoor activity in order to acquire a darker shade. If this is done, a sunblock should be applied prior to exposure. To accommodate, a self-tanner can be applied to help hasten the bronze. Tanning beds and direct sunlight exposure should be limited as both methods are known to increase the risk of skin cancer.

5. Exfoliate

Dead skin cells build up regardless of gender, and these build-ups can lead to acne breakouts, flaking and an overall tired look. When purchasing an exfoliate, it is important to note whether the formula is designed for the face or body. Often, body formulas are rougher and can be too abrasive for the more sensitive facial skin.

Follow Tips Daily

Since men save an average of seven minutes everyday that women use in the morning to prepare for the day, what better way to spend that extra time than to incorporate these five simple tips. With a little encouragement, you can help your man stay attractive for years to come.