3 Of The Best Ways You Can Go Camping

For many of us going camping is a truly great escapist experience, especially for those who have a love for camp-sites and natural parks.
These days there is a whole new trend for camping and the many different ways that people do this outdoor activity proves that camping is indeed very versatile.
So let’s take a look at some of the most popular methods you can choose to go camping…

The Humble Tent

With a plethora of different shapes and sizes on the retail market just waiting to be snapped up, tents are probably the cheapest method for both indoor and
outdoor camping and can range anywhere from £40 to well into the hundreds of pounds, depending on the quality you’re after.
Tunnel tents, a-frame tents, dome tents and safari tents are just some of the more modern tent varieties but no matter which type of tent you decide to buy for your trip,
one thing remains the same, it may not be quite as comfortable as sleeping in your own bed but you will always be able to experience 100% authentic camping when you choose to sleep in a tent.
What’s more is that they are easy to pitch, dismantle and transport in the boot of a car.

The Retro Caravan

We’ve all heard of caravan sites, right? Whether you go to Rhyl every summer with the family or Appleby every once in a while, caravans are one of the more traditional ways you can travel around the country.
If you have a car then the world really is your oyster as caravans can easily be attached onto the rear of a car.
Sleeping in a caravan allows you to be able to relax in your own quarters with more privacy than a tent might offer.
Also, the interior of a caravan has everything you could ever need whist on your vacation including sleeping quarters, toilet and a suitable kitchen area.
Caravans are usually a little cheaper than camper vans and have and also have than retro aesthetic.

The Modern Motor Home

And finally, the motor home or the camper van as some of us may know them. Camper vans are an innovation in camping trends and are greatly sought after for their recreational appeal.
Unlike the caravan, camper vans have both an engine and living space on-site in one convenient package so campers who love to travel up and down the country a lot can benefit from this type of vehicle.
Motor homes are by far the most spacious and luxurious way to go camping but also the most expensive.
With a motor home you get what you pay for but for anyone who likes to have a taste of home with them at all times can travel in the utmost comfort and style.
With summer literally just around the corner it’s time to start planning which option is best for your camping holiday needs.
If you’re a little strapped for cash, don’t worry as you can often get tents, caravans and camper vans second hand on internet sites like Gumtree and Ebay.
There is always somebody who is looking to sell and therefore plenty of deals on the market.
John Riley is a renowned author and expert across all aspects of the outdoor lifestyle.
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