10 Energy Effective Tips to Heat Your Household This Winter

1- Insulation is one of the most imperative ways to keep your household warm. Ensure that your household has the correct insulation. Now that the weather is getting cooler it should be easy to spot poorly insulated spaces and get them fixed before the cooler weather arrives. The most vital areas to insulate are the walls and the roof as around 60% of heat is lost through them.
2- Now that the freezing weather is beginning to set in, it will be easier to spot drafts. Instead of turning the central heating up – cover the drafts. Some of the most common spaces for drafts to arise are windows and underneath doors. Buying some draft excluders will sort this problem and save energy.
3- If you don’t use your fireplace then it might be a good idea to cover it, as it is one of the key drafts in your household. To keep the warm air in and stop the cold air from entering, we recommend purchasing a chimney balloon. Not only will this stop you burning fossil fuels that cause greenhouse gases that damage the environment, but it will save you money.
4- Your boiler controls the central heating in your household so it is vital that you keep it in a decent condition. Before the winter arrives we recommend having you boiler inspected. This way you can spot any potential problems early and get them fixed before the real harsh weather arrives.
5- We all love to move our seats closer to the heat to get warm. But, placing your seats next to radiators or fireplaces stops the heat from circulating about the space properly. Consequently, it is practical to keep your seats away from heat sources. This is likewise a good idea to halt fires in your household.
6- Open your curtains when it’s day and close them once it becomes dark. The sun is a natural source of heat that will keep your space warm through the day. However, once dark falls it is practical to keep your curtains shut as winter hours of dark are characteristically very frosty. Thermal curtains are likewise available for purchasing. These are curtains with an extra thick wadding that halt the heat from parting and chilly air entering your space.
7- If you have a timer on your thermostat – use it! Set the timer on your thermostat to switch the central heating off while you’re not at home and to turn on 30 minutes before you return home. You can likewise switch it off or turn it down when you’re asleep. This will use 14% less energy compared to leaving it on all day.
8- Your boiler also heats your water supply. So, through consuming a lesser quantity of water, you will be consuming a lesser amount of energy. Ecocamel supply a variety of water-efficient products such as descalers and shower heads. These will save you money on both your water and heating bill.
9- One-third of all heat produced in the home is lost through the walls. To halt this, place some tin foil behind your radiators. This sends the heat back into your space and saves energy. Certain DIY stores, for example Wickes sell unique foil for this purpose.
10- Look into the central heating oil suppliers in your area and see who offers the best rate and the most energy effective oil. Carbon clean kerosene is a new central heating oil available from Speedy Fuels intended to improve your boiler efficiency and use a lesser amount of energy.