Window Replacement Tips

Most homeowners like to improve the appearance of their home with minor, but spectacular changes. For instance, homeowners may choose to paint the exterior, stain the front door or add new gutters. However, let us concentrate on one of the most overlooked home improvement options: replacement of windows.
Replacing existing windows have many benefits. New windows increase the value to the home verses painting the outside of the windows. Depending on the type of windows you choose, you also give warmth and protection to your home. Although replacing windows sounds easy, it can be a daunting task for any homeowner who isn’t a licensed home improvement expert. Here is list of tips to consider when replacing windows in your home:
It is extremely important to figure out what kind of materials you want to use. However, there are unlimited styles and colors. It’s best to pick materials depending on the style of the home. Commonly used materials for windows are vinyl and wood.  Vinyl is the most popular among homeowners and contractors. It is more cost effective, last long over the years and is low maintenance. However, wood is very costly and the maintenance requires to a lot more work than vinyl. Wood has a tendency to crack, rot or become bug infested.  The style and design of the glass window is the important factor to decide. For example, you have to choose between high quality double-paned or energy efficient glass.
Take in consideration the design of your home when purchasing replacement windows. How do you want to represent your home? Do you want to give it grandeur, modern or chic look to your home? You may want to contrast the color of the glass to match the color scheme of your home.
Energy Efficiency
Pick an energy efficiency window that provides enough light and an airy feel to the interior of your home. Two other factors to consider are the U-factor and the R-Value to determine the energy efficiency that you choose for your windows. The U-factor observes the effect of heat loss volume of the window. The R-Value calculates the insulation properties of the pane of glass before installation which saves the homeowner money and gives them the best value.
Purchase windows that come with the appropriate warranty to eliminate future problems and long lasting maintenance. Depending on where you shop, such as a discount hardware or reuse warehouse, you may not receive a warranty. Replacement windows are an important home improvement option. Besides making your neighbors jealous, you improve the look and value of your home. Also, you make the interior a warmer place to stay in the colder months.

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