Top 10 Easy Tips For Organizing Your Home And Office

Here’s a list of some incredibly simple and easy ways to get your office or home just that bit more organized.
1. Grab some large binder clips, clip them to the back of your desk and string any wires you need through the handles, that way they’re always there when you need them and they don’t go slipping behind the desk only to fall into a messy pile on the floor.
2. Put those plastic clips you get on bags of bread to good use by attaching them to the wires behind your TV and labelling them, that way the next time you’re trying to plug something in you’ll know exactly what you’re working with.
3. Arrange your books or DVDs alphabetically – and keep them organized by separating them by the letters of the alphabet using Popsicle sticks.
4. Cut a slit in the cardboard from empty toilet paper rolls and slide them over wrapping paper rolls to keep them from unwrapping.
5. If you have trouble remembering which key is for your front door, or your garage, or your office then try painting the top with some nail polish, that way you can remember which colour goes with which door.
6. If you travel often and find it a pain in the ass to unpack and hang up your clothes every time, get a hanging shelf that will fit in your suitcase and you can simply lower it in when you’re leaving for a trip – there’s your packing done in 3 seconds flat!
7. Get a tall bin (or simply use a hot glue gun to stick some cardboard together to create a bin,) that you can paint blue with raindrops and use to store umbrellas, that way when you’ve just stepped in from the rain your umbrella won’t be left to drip all over the place.
8. Plastic hanging shoe holders are so incredibly useful; obviously you don’t need to use them solely (pun intended) for shoes. By cutting one in half you can stick one half to the inside of the cupboard door under your sink and keep all of your cleaning liquids and sponges in it – which leaves you with more storage space. You could hang the other half in the laundry room and keep detergent, fabric softener and dryer sheets in it.
9. In my house we’ve always had that one drawer that was jammed full of wires that no one used – old camera chargers that we didn’t want to get rid of, wires to connect laptops to the TV, old cell phone chargers. All of them used to get mixed up and it was essentially impossible to distinguish between them and find what you were looking for, until I discovered another great use for toilet rolls on Pinterest – simply fold up the wires and stick them in the rolls. You can then line up the roles in the drawer.
10. The easiest way I’ve found to store spaghetti (and cheaper than Tupperware) is to use an empty Pringles case, you can even decorate it if you like!
What are some easy DIY tricks you’ve used to stay organised?

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Estelle Page is an interior designer who blogs for Interaction UK, an interior design company for offices.