Nikon D600: High End Features At The Low End Of The FX Price Range

There was plenty of hype around the release of the Nikon D600, touted as a high performance DSLR and a favorite for landscape and action photographers. While the D600 bears many similarities to the D7000, it also includes a number of high end features plus the ability to capture video.
Best Features of the D600:
When choosing a professional camera, the image quality is one of the most important features, but the performance of the ISO is also important for controlling the amount of light entering the lens and getting the best color saturation.

  • Time lapse (intervalometer):

The Nikon D600 has very good quality and an interface to set the time for the time lapse for videos, but the intervalometer breaks the footage down to seconds (few). Up to 29 minutes and 59 seconds of video can be recorded. The quality of the videos is preserved when the data is compressed, thanks to the adoption of the H.264/MPEG-4 AVC video compression standard.

  • Pop up-commander-flash (wireless):

This is a highlight feature of the Nikon D600. Up to 2 groups of remote optional flashes can be used wirelessly.

  • Options (12bit) and crop mode (DX):

The 12-bit option is used to reduce the size of file. Photographers who prefer “RAW” files images will like this option.

  • U1 & U2 (Memory banks for shooting):

It’s an easy option to save the mode of camera on low light plus day light.

  • Controls AF:
    The AF is the exchanged option with CSM; an AF switch is placed in front of the camera. You will just hold it down and will type 2 commands, for different modes.

D600: Landscape & Adventure Photographers Favorite

The D600 is very compact and light weight and is made with high quality, sealed material and coating. The image quality is very fine, with low noise in imaging in ISO mode. Its image quality resembles film image quality.

Photographers (Commercial):

This camera is recommended for photographing buildings, making it ideal for real estate and architectural images. It performs well in both shade and sunlight.

Technical specifications:

  • Megapixel: It has 24.3 with sensor (CMOS) full-frame.
  • ISO: It is between the ranges of 100-6400.
  • AF: 39-point AF of 9 cross-type.
  • LCD: The display is made up of Liquid crystal 3.2”.
  • Shutter speed: The shutter speed of Nikon D600 is 1/4000 sec.
  • Flash: The limit of Flash sync is 1/200.
  • Pop-up flash: It has a flash that is pop-up flash; this flash has the ability to command wirelessly.
  • SD card: It has a capability to put in two SD cards, as it has two slots for them.
  • Image: The bracketing of three shots can be taken.
  • HDR: The mode of HDR is built-in.

While the hobbyist would also enjoy using this versatile, superior camera, the price tag hovers around the $2,000 range. This is actually the first time an FX-format DSLR has been this affordable. Professionals are accustomed to dropping a lot more cash for a camera with the features the D600 offers.
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