Beat The Heat In The Summer

Beach volleyball, riding bikes, and hiking are all past time activities that make the summer that much more enjoyable. While enjoying your summertime fun, the importance of taking care of your body should be thought of as well. Staying in the heat for extended periods of time can cause severe health problems such as dehydration, heat stress, cramps, or even a heat stroke. Keeping your body cool through the summer months also keeps your mind cool.
Here are some summer tips on beating the heat and staying healthy while enjoying the sunshine.

1. Dress light

While braving the high temperatures, it’s best to dress in light weight clothing with light colors. Keep it simple and loose fitting. Short sleeves and shorts are the best option, unless you’re hiking or working in the sun. In that case, opting for light weight long sleeves and pants are acceptable as they will help to block out the UV rays of the sun. Keeping your face and head protected shouldn’t go undone.
Wearing a wide brim hat, or sunglasses is a good way of staying cool and protecting your skin from the sun. If you wear makeup, try not to put on as much in the summer heat as this will increase sweating and make you feel as if your body temperature is rising. Dumb down the amount of accessories that you wear with your outfits as well, as this also increases sweating.

2. Wear Sunscreen

This may seem like an obvious tip, but most people don’t realize that even in the shade, summer sun can cause burning to your skin. Whether you’re pale in skin tone, or tan easily it’s a good idea to lather on an SPF of 30 or more to protect your skin from the harmful rays. Long term sun exposure can cause damage to your skin, or leave you with sun poisoning.

3. Avoid the hottest time of day

Although most everyone wants to bask in the summer sun for as long as they can, avoiding it at certain times of day may be the best bet. The noonday sun produces the highest amount of heat and is the toughest to overcome. Limiting your sun exposure between 10am and 3pm is the smartest way to avoid dehydration or other heat related issues. Staying inside during these peak hours is the best idea if possible.

4. Maintain your Air conditioning

Pumping cool air into your home is the smartest way to keep cool while indoors. Air conditioners will be running in homes for most of the day, and will need to be properly maintained because of this. If your unit breaks down, it’s important to seek air conditioning repair as soon as possible so that your home does not overheat. In some cases, the inside of the home can become even warmer than the outside temperature.
Make sure to clean your air conditioners filters on a weekly basis and run them in an energy saving mode so they aren’t overworked. Setting a time frame to run your unit is the best way to save money on your electricity, and assure that no break downs occur.

5. Keep Hydrated and Full

Drinking plenty of water is the smartest thing anyone can do while exposed to the sun. Staying hydrated is crucial in avoiding heat related health issues. Even when you don’t feel thirsty, you should be drinking water. In fact, when you don’t feel thirsty that’s even more of a reason to be drinking water in the heat. This lack of thirst can be an early warning sign of dehydration.
Check the frequency and coloring of your urination throughout the day. If you haven’t gone in a while, or the color is dark, you need more water in your body. Believe it or not, eating food can keep you cool so long as you eat the right ones. Food gives your body energy, and keeps it running. Avoid eating heavy foods or junk foods during the eat. Opt for fruits, vegetables, salads, or healthy snack foods. These will give your body the energy it needs throughout the sunny day, without weighing you down or making you hotter.
Whatever activities you decide to do in the summer outdoors, make sure you keep the safety of your body in mind. Braving the heat can be a challenge, but it can be accomplished so long as you take the smartest steps to maintain your health. Enjoy your summer the smart way!

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Lucey Meeks loves the summer because of the nice weather. This year she decides to learn some great ways to beat the summer heat but still enjoy all the fun activities.