The Most Costly Cars To Insure

Auto insurance is expensive, but it is not quite as expensive as gas prices today. You can lower your insurance prices by making vehicle choices that cost less to insure. By making wise decisions, you can keep your insurance costs lower. Here are some tips and examples of cars that cost the most to insure:

Why are Some Cars More Expensive to Insure

Insurance companies typically charge more for small cars that reach high speeds. These cars are more likely to suffer the highest losses if involved in a car accident. In fact, insurance for small cars is higher in cost because these cars are more likely to get involved into accidents. These vehicles can weave in and out of traffic easily at high speeds. One incorrect judgment in driving will cause an accident. Young drivers raise the price of insurance premiums, but a young driver in a small car that can reach fast speeds increases costs significantly. Certain makes and models also have higher premiums than other vehicles. When selecting a car, be sure to think about insurance costs before making the final selection to ensure the total cost of vehicle ownership will be affordable for you. Typically, it is larger cars that inflict the most damage on other cars. These cars are also costly to insure even though larger vehicles do not accelerate as fast as other smaller cars. Keep this in mind also when purchasing a vehicle.

Porsche 911 Carrera and Porsche Panamera

Porsche makes some of the most costly cars to insure. The annual premiums often exceed $2000 and are costly because the vehicle parts are costly to replace. People who buy Porsche 911 Carreras are also more likely to exceed the speed limits and test driving boundaries. Since accidents or theft may be more likely, the insurance premiums will probably be higher than normal.

Mercedes S65, Mercedes CL600 and Mercedes-Benz G-Class

Mercedes vehicles also typically have high annual premiums over $2000. These vehicles are impeccably made, and the parts are expensive. Because the parts are expensive to replace, the insurance companies tend to charge more for insurance.

Audi R8

Audis are some of the most efficient vehicles in term of energy, but in terms of insurance, the vehicle’s insurance costs are some of the most expensive. The parts on this vehicle are well-designed and expensive to replace. If you want to save money on every aspect of the vehicle, the Audi is not the best choice. Instead, you may want try Mazda Tribute or Honda Odyssey.


BMW is known for its quality of design and fast speeds. This is also a recipe for higher insurance premiums over the cost of $2000 per year. It’s a great car, but it is expensive to insure.

Select Your Vehicle Carefully

When selecting a car, consider the cost of insurance. You can make sure that your car insurance remains affordable if you select a vehicle with low cost insurance.
Written by Wayne Boyd
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