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Running a small business, freelancing, working for yourself – all of these are great opportunities to earn money and make a great living without working in a formal setting, or for a large company. You can make great money and still make your own schedule, leaving you free to live your life as you please. But when you are freelancing, working for yourself, or running a small business, there are times you will still need to accept credit card payments, a tricky situation when you don’t have the typical card processor of larger stores. With iPad POS systems, though, you don’t need fancy equipment to capture credit card information and take payments. You can do that all right from your iPad, and in only a few minutes.
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Some of the more popular iPad POS systems include PointOfSale, available on iTunes, Revel, and POS Lavu. All of these generally work quite similarly, capturing the credit card’s information and requiring a signature. The differences among the various iPad POS systems, however, can be significant.
PointOfSale is offered by PointOfSale Inc., and is available on the iPad through the mobile application. With this app, you can easily add commonly sold products, as well as their prices, but you can also add registers for a different business that you manage, or a different service that your business provides. PointOfSale also easily keeps track of customers and locations and can be edited for tax rates.
The Revel POS system allows for all of these functions as well. In addition, with the Revel POS system, you can also accept cash transactions, and even attach equipment allowing the machine to automatically dispense coin change to the customer while you complete the cash transaction.
When in the process of purchasing iPad POS systems, make sure you take your time, testing all of the available software and conducting practice transactions. This will allow you to fully test the application before spending any money. You may also consider making a list before testing the software, writing down all of the features you would like to have in a POS system, and prioritizing the most desirable features. This way you will only spend money on the system that will best work for you and your business.