Supermarket Price Comparisons – Weekly Supermarket Savings

Some supermarkets are now encouraging shoppers to return to them by offering money off vouchers for a minimum spend.
The supermarket wars are ongoing, and as a result, shoppers can only gain. The deals on offer will vary from supermarket to supermarket, but savvy shoppers can cut pounds off the cost of their weekly shop this way.
Money off vouchers
One of the most enticing offers that have recently been used by more than one supermarket is the money off voucher for your next shop. If you spend more than a certain amount – in some supermarkets it can be £40 and in others £50 – then a voucher for £5 or more is issued.
The aim is to get shoppers to return to the same supermarket the following week. The various companies are recognising that people are more likely to shop around these days as they bargain hunt, so supermarkets are issuing these appealing offers to encourage customer loyalty.
Saving £5 on the cost of the weekly shop is a bargain, particularly when it’s combined with other money saving options such as collecting reward points and buying in bulk when items are reduced.
However, offers of this type are not on all the time, so when they are, it’s important to take advantage of them. Look out for money saving offers around important occasions, such as in the run-up to Christmas and New Year.
Other supermarkets are offering vouchers when certain items are bought; these vouchers give money off fuel at their petrol station. The savings can be as much as 30p per litre of fuel, which is a great saving given the high cost of fuel at the moment.
Tesco has a system which monitors the type of products that people buy regularly and gives a reward voucher at the till for money off that item the next time you purchase it at their supermarket. However, these vouchers are not issued every time you shop. They also give out vouchers for savings if you spend a certain amount, usually around £3 for a spend of £30, but the offers will vary.
At Sainsbury’s, the cost of the branded items that you’ve chosen is compared to the cost of the same branded items at other supermarkets. This comparison is carried out at the till, and if you’ve paid more than you would have done somewhere else, then a voucher is issued for you to spend the next time you shop in a Sainsbury’s.
The issued supermarket savings voucher may be just for a few pence, but if you have done a large shop, it could be as much as a few pounds, and you can redeem it off your next shop. Sainsbury’s is very keen to compete with supermarkets that have traditionally been seen as cheaper.
Supermarket VS Supermarket
The supermarkets are trying very hard to win as many customers as possible and know that regular deals are the way to encourage people through their doors. You can find out which deals are on by looking online at supermarket price comparison sites to find out which sorts of discounts and vouchers are available at the moment.
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