Practical Pointers To Protect Property From Cracks And Water Seepage

A home is not only a place that comforts us and gives a sense of belonging but also is a major investment. Even if you are not considering shifting house, having your home in a respectable place on property charts is important. Not only will this keep the value of the home intact but also keep it looking good longer and more comfortable too. You never know about change of residence, so it is wiser to take care of what’s in hand. If there ever is a need to sell, then your house is buyer ready and will net the best price.
Keeping tabs on water damage and regular checks are imperative for the health of both home as well as the people living inside it. Spotting potential problems and tackling them at the root saves more money and is better in the long run. However, nothing beats a professional check at least bi-yearly. Read along for some common property damage issues so that you can be on the alert for them.

Foundation matters

It is the cracks in the foundation that lead to cracks that can be seen on walls in your home. The cracks on the foundation level weaken it causing a movement in the supports and so there might be signs of cracks outside and inside the house. The first place to tackle is the foundation and then deal with the wall cracks. Once you’re done, have a re-check so that it is certain nothing is missed out.

Plumbing checks

Have a thorough plumbing check of all the existing plumbing supplies once a year to neutralize nasty surprises. Pipes, joints and fittings should be your prime concern. Dripping pipes wear out the wood joints and so cause mildew prone areas. A professional should check the area for he’s the best judge as most homeowners tend to miss potential problems which can lead to expenses down the line.

The roof gets the worst of weather

Drainage is normally a problem though it depends on the slope and structure of your roof. Normally, loose shingles cause rainwater to seep into the attic areas – that’s the first thing to check. The flashing is what makes the area watertight and it should be secure. Water damage is one of the worst things you can let your house face; the most important thing in preventing leaks is a solid roof.

The gutter area deserves attention next. If it is clogged on the covers by leaves and debris, you might find a drainage problem looming up. Thus, regular inspections are a must to keep it clog free. If the cover is cracked, it should be replaced at the earliest possible; also inspect the mesh for choking as particle build up occurs there. Cleaning it even twice a year can make top notch drainage facilities.

Don’t forget windows and doors

Any cracks around windows and doors are spots where rainwater can enter through. Awning windows are perfect for places with a lot of rainfall and they can even be left open during the rain. Mould buildup on walls should be cleaned as soon as possible.

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