How To Save Money When Fixing A Washing Machine

A cough and a splutter from the back of the house and a wet, soapy floor is a messy indication that something’s gone wrong with the washing machine. For most, the first reaction isn’t that their socks are soggy, it’s that this is going to be expensive. However, with some forward thinking and research, fixing a washing machine doesn’t have to cost a small fortune. By carrying out the project yourself, searching for spare parts or being wise when choosing a repairman, you can save money for far more interesting experiences.
Do it yourself.
There are some basic problems that occur across washing machines of all shapes and sizes and many of them are reasonably easy to repair. If you’re handy with your toolbox, you may want to attempt to find and solve the issue yourself and save yourself the fee of a repairman. There are hundreds of online tutorials and videos written by experts that can help you through the process from start to finish.
Hunt down spare parts.
More often than not a broken washing machine will require new parts. Whether you’re attempting to fix it yourself or you’re calling in someone else, you can save money by finding the parts beforehand. Repairmen that have to locate the parts themselves will often overcharge for delivery and buy the most expensive option. Search online auctions and spare part websites to track down cheaper replacements. Don’t feel that you necessarily have to buy the official brand, often unbranded products will work equally as well. Alternatively, second-hand parts may be available from other machines that have been taken apart.
Keep it local.
If you do have to call someone in, don’t immediately go for the big name companies. Smaller, local businesses may be available for more negotiation in the price and are more likely to allow you to provide the spare parts. Ask family and friends for recommendations, there is typically someone who knows a repairman and this enhances your chances of a friendly discount. Local papers and notice boards or online forums are the best places to find someone who will do the job at a reasonable price.
Avoid ending up in the red
A broken washing machine can cause all sorts of trouble in the house: carpet stains, damage to surfaces and even rotting so don’t hesitate in organising the repairs. Even if this proves financially difficult at present try to avoid unwarranted overdraft fees. Instead, consider short term loans or microfinance, they can tide you over until a more suitable time preventing further inconvenience to the day-to-day running of a household.
Spend wisely.
Should you need to call in a big name company, make sure you’ve searched for any discounts first. There may be online vouchers available or deals that include a certain service and parts. Before the repairman gets to work, ensure that you have a solid agreement. Any extra costs or charges must be mentioned before the action is carried out or, if possible, agree on a fixed rate at the very start. If you do need to fix your washing machine and you’ve got a tight budget, you can consider getting a short-term loan and just pay it back the following month instead of you going into your overdraft or using your credit card.
There are plenty of ways you can save money when fixing a washing machine. Whether you’re repairing it yourself or calling in for extra help, a bit of research and some negotiation can go a long way.
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