How To Make Sure People Will Wear Your Promotional T Shirt

Nearly everyone has something to promote.  Whether you are promoting a business, artistic endeavor, non-profit organization, or even just looking to show support for your child’s sports team, chances are you are in the market for a promotional t-shirt that will work for you.
Designing and printing promotional t-shirts can be a task that is filled with challenges and certainly is not without up-front expenses.  That is why it is so important to choose and design a high quality t-shirt that people will want to wear.  When it comes to promotional shirt designs, there are many factors you must weigh, and your decisions could greatly impact the effectiveness of your promotional shirts.  Ultimately, if you cut corners up front, your finished product could end up at the bottom of a cleaning rag pile instead of on the backs of your supporters.
The first decision you have to make when you are ordering custom shirts for your organization is what material your shirts are made out of and where they are made.  Many people’s first instinct is to choose the cheapest shirt available, especially if they are designing their shirts to be given away for free.  This type of thinking can sometimes back fire.  The point of giving away a free t-shirt, or even selling a branded promotional shirt, is to increase your organizations visibility and awareness of your brand.  If you choose shirts that are cheap and made from low quality materials they will not be comfortable to wear.  Remember, your shirt will eventually end up in someone’s closet and will be competing with a number of other shirts.  If it were your closet, wouldn’t you choose the soft cozy shirt, over the cheap ill-fitting one?
The fit of your promotional shirt brings us to the second decision that people often make a mistake on when ordering t-shirts.  Most t-shirt print shops have minimum orders per size.  Often times, people are worried about having left over shirts so they only order size large and extra-large.  This type of thinking is taking into account that while a larger size may not be preferable to someone of a small stature it will still fit on their bodies and a small size will not fit a larger person.  This thinking is faulty.  No one wants to wear a shirt that does not fit them.  If you are committing to ordering promotional t-shirts and want to ensure all of your potential customers or supporters are happy, you need to offer sizes ranging from extra-small to extra-large.
Finally, you need to consider your main demographic?  Who do you want to wear you shirts?  If you are targeting business men in their 40s and 50s your shirt’s design and color is going to be drastically different to a t-shirt you might create for teenage girls.  Keeping up with current fashion and marketing trends in your company’s target demographic will help you make sure you t-shirt design is cutting edge and will appeal to your market.
With a little research and dedication you can design a t-shirt that will help you promote your organization.  Make sure you t-shirt is something you would be proud to wear.
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