How To Be Tan Year Round

Many people watch Jersey Shore and wonder how the cast manages to stay so tan all year round. The truth is that yes, they do go tanning each and every day of their lives but they also use products to enhance their tan. If you are someone who does not want to go to a tanning bed for fear of getting skin cancer but you want to be tan, there is good news. You too can use products at home to get tan and there are many of them out there. You can even make your own. Here’s the inside scoop on how you can stay bronze.

Great Products

There are many great products out there that you can use at home to get a nice tan all year round. One of the best products is actually really reasonably priced and is made by Banana Boat. It’s a sunless tanning lotion that can be used like regular lotion. This product is great because it has a color guide so you will know where you applied it. It is also pleasant smelling. You can use this product as much as you want until you have achieved your desired level of tan. Once you are as tan as you want to be, just use it every other day to maintain your color. Keep in mind that this product will work the best if you exfoliate your skin by using a mircodermabrasion treatment before you use the product.

Making Your Own Tanning Lotion

If you do not want to spend the extra money to buy a sunless tanning lotion, you will see that here is an easy way to make sunless tanning lotion at home. You will just need a bottle of white lotion, some cocoa powder and some shimmer lotion. If you have all of these things, you will want to take two cups of the white lotion and mix in as much cocoa powder as you want. Keep adding the cocoa powder until the lotion is as dark as you want it. You can then add some shimmer lotion to it to add to your glow. In case the lotion gets a bit too tan, you can add some more white lotion to lighten it up a bit. This is a great lotion to use and it will make your skin a natural, deep tan color.
You do not have to live on a warm tropical isle or spend every day of your life in a tanning bed to be tan all year round. There are many products you can buy to be tan or you can even make your own. Give these sunless tanning products a try and see how great you will look!
About the Author: Casey McNeil was born and raised in California but now living in Alaska she wants to keep her skin vibrant and alive.  That’s why she uses Riivia’s microdermabrasion to keep her skin looking young and healthy.