Home & Business Break Ins: How To Pick Up The Pieces

When a home or business is broken into by an intruder, the owners are left picking up the pieces of the mess that has been left behind. In the midst of filing police reports and claims for what was lost, a person will also be filling vulnerable by having their peace and security shattered. No one likes to know that someone has invaded their personal space. For this difficult time, the following guide is offered to help a person begin to move on after a home or business invasion.

Inventory Your Belongings

It can be hard to know where to start with putting a home or business back together following a burglary. One of the most important things to do is to determine what items have been stolen or broken. When filing a police report, a general list of stolen items is usually gathered. However, a more detailed inventory may be required by a person’s insurance company or lenders. Therefore, a person will need to take the time to go through each room of the building to identify any items that are missing. It can also be helpful to take pictures of any damages that were incurred during this time.

Replace Broken Items

Intruders usually literally break into a home by knocking out doors or breaking windows. Leaving these parts of a building broken can make a home or business vulnerable to another break-in. Therefore, the next thing a person should do is make sure to replace broken window glass and doors. After a break-in, many building owners decide to choose thicker glass and doors that can be resistant to break-in attempts. Not only will this help a person to feel more secure, but choosing stronger windows and doors can also add value to a building.

Increase the Security

If a building invader managed to break-in and get away, then the building will need to have its security increased. First, a home should be assessed to determine any areas where the building is not secure. Then, each of these areas should be fixed. Adding a home alarm system, installing security screws and bolts on doors and enrolling in a monitoring program are a few of the best ways to increase a building’s security. Many people also choose to install new locks on both their doors and windows. Then, someone should be appointed to make sure every entrance is locked at all times.
Putting the pieces back together again after a home or business invasion is a complicated process that involves reassessing one’s security methods. After filing a police report, building owners should begin to repair and replace the features of the building that can be changed to enhance the building’s security.

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Peter Wendt is a journalist and small business owner in the great city of Austin, Texas. After a terrible experience of his home goods shop being broken into, Wendt found a fast and affordable glass company to come and fix the broken windows. Wendt was very happy with the results, and was able to get his shop up and running in no time.