Gift Ideas For Welcoming New Family Members

When it comes to welcoming in a new family member, there’s no doubt that these occasions will be commemorated with ritual celebration, such as a wedding or a christening. But it’s those little and finishing touches that will help to cement those long-lasting positive relationships. Some family members will be chosen, others will be chosen for you; but all of them are very special.
For Your New Bride or Groom
Of course the wedding will be a lovely occasion to express your appreciation for your family’s new addition, but a bridal shower or the groom’s equivalent (usually much more informal!) gives you a little more time to really connect with people. Don’t wait until the wedding to gift the bride and groom; use an opportunity beforehand to provide them with a little something special that will remind them of their union, and of you!
Lovely ideas are potted plants – cacti are excellent for those without particularly green fingers – maybe a treasured family recipe presented on a framed piece of handwritten paper tucked in with a freshly baked cake, for example. You could even use fabric paint to create his and hers cushion covers. Something with a personal touch will always be appreciated.
For Your Brand New Baby
Traditional christening gifts never go out of fashion, and favourites include tiny sterling silver bracelets, commemorative needlework in frames and little bits and pieces for their nursery or to be preserved until later on in life. Remember to buy or make little tokens for the parents too, they’re the ones that’ll be getting the sleepless nights for a while!
For Your Godparents
Godparent gifts are an integral part of a christening, because they have volunteered to be part of guiding a child who is precious to you.  Small but thoughtful gifts to remind them of their tiny charge can be given in the form of little printed handprints or footprints in a frame, a photograph of the little one, or small tokens of appreciation for shouldering the responsibility.
A dainty silver chain and pendant for the godmother and a pair of silver cufflinks for a godfather are great gift ideas, serving a wearable everyday reminder of the contribution they are making.
For a Step-Child
There’s every chance that they will be feeling slightly intimidated at the prospect of meeting a whole new family. You can take the edge off their anxieties slightly by organising an informal gathering, the idea of which being to welcome the child into the folds of your family. Don’t go too overboard or it could get overwhelming!
Try popping out a buffet, inviting other children and presenting him or her with a card signed by all of your family members, just to say hello and welcome. By extending positive wishes and good intentions from the beginning, you will help to make the transition slightly more comfortable.
If you have any ideas for welcome gifts then comment and let us know!

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Louise Blake is a new mum, and a regular writer for Goodheart Gifts. She works as a design account manager and loves all aspects of art, crafts and home design.