Five Best Playgrounds In America

The memories of childhood often revolve around a playground’s metal slide, swings and landscape bark. However, today’s playgrounds go way beyond those rudimentary elements. For example, the following playgrounds push boundaries and merit mentioning as America’s top five playgrounds:

Clemyjontri Park, Fairfax County, VA

This brightly colored playground is a wonderland for children of all physical abilities. It is designed for children who have normal physical abilities and for those who use wheelchairs, wear braces or have developmental disabilities. This park allows children to play alongside other children with different physical abilities. This presents the perfect opportunity for children to learn to befriend other children who are different instead of excluding them.

Yerba Buena Playground, San Francisco:

This playground is literally on a whole other level when compared with the others. It sits atop the Moscone Convention Center in downtown San Francisco. Some of its cool attributes include a 25 foot slide and a rubber play pit all built up high in the sky.

Nelson A. Rockefeller Playground, NYC:

Since New York City boasts of over 500 playgrounds, it would seem an impossible task to choose the best one. However, the Rockefeller Playground in New York City is considered the very best the city has to offer. It features sand tables, climbing structures and a pedal merry-go-round. In the summer it even has a fountain that serves as a great way for kids to cool off.

Kamakana Playground, Kona Hawaii:

Located in Kona Hawaii the Kamakana Playground is a child’s playground paradise. It features a ship and model train to play on, a zip line, climbing structures and amazing views of the beautiful island. There are also chess tables built right into the lava rock for visitors that would like to challenge their intellect.

Powell Barnett Park, Seattle, Washington:

This popular playground is consistently named one of the top five parks in Seattle, and it is easy to see why with all this amazing playground offers visitors. Powell Barnett Park has climbing structures, a wading pool, a basketball court and creative play equipment. There are smaller structures available for younger children, and older kids are able to enjoy the more complex climbing structures.
America is blessed with an abundance of parks and playgrounds made for children of all demographics. Playgrounds have grown from just a few pieces of equipment to thoughtfully designed wonderlands that encourage amazing childhood memories. The above is a list of the five best playgrounds America has to offer. A visit to any of them is well worth the trip.

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