Features That Serve To Enhance The Functional Significance Of Motorcycle Boots

No one can deny that black-colored leather motorcycle boots bear a striking resemblance to military boots. Initially endorsed by progenitors of the punk culture, these black rider boots featuring criss-cross laces highlight the tough, anti-establishment demeanor of the wearer.
Widely sought-after by rock stars, cultural icons and ordinary individuals, biker boots are available in a variety of styles, lengths and designs.  It is noteworthy that double zipper boots, 3/4 length street boots and knee-high leather boots are the most intriguing variations of rider boots that are equally popular in both the Orient as well the Occident!
Discussed below are some of the essential attributes of double zipper boots and knee-length boots manufactured from high quality leather.
a)      Double Zipper Motorbike Boots
1.      Provide Reinforced Grip On The Bike’s Pedals
The pragmatic significance of double zipper motorbike boots is evident from their expertly-crafted treaded outsoles. These outsoles serve to strengthen the rider’s grip on the bike’s pedals thereby preventing him/her from slipping even while gliding amidst wet, slippery roads. This extraordinary feature undoubtedly accounts for the widespread popularity of these boots in Florida, Seattle, Bahamas, Jamaica and other regions that experience high levels of rainfall throughout the year.
2.      Breathable Exterior
The breathable exterior of double zipper biker boots grants unobstructed access of fresh air to the feet and the soles thereby ensuring that the biker’s socks and feet remain sweat-free throughout the traveling endeavor and hence, preventing the rider from changing his/her socks at every gas station or rest room that comes in the way!
b)     Knee-Length Boots
1.      Weather-Resistant Outer Surface
Apart from the jaw-dropping, sleek look of knee-length boots, the state of the art weather-resistant exterior of these motorcycles boots make them ideal for rainy and foggy weather conditions!
Moreover, the hardware encrusted on these boots, such as the buckles and rivets, are manufactured from rust-resistant material thereby ensuring that they retain their sparkly, silvery glimmer despite being persistently exposed to damp or humid climate.
2.      Soft, Vented Insole
Optimal quality knee-length boots are lined with soft, vented soles that perform a dual function; offer a cushiony surface to the soles thereby preventing them from cracking and regulate free circulation of air throughout the boot’s interior thereby preventing the feet from becoming exposed to odor-causing bacteria.
3.      Offer Significant Protection To The Shins
Aside from the spectacular androgynous appeal of these boots, they also serve to protect the shins and ankles from abrasions, bruises and scars thereby making the riding endeavor essentially pain-free for the biker.
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