Easy Ways To Create A Cozy Home

Everybody wants to have a cozy home. There is no homeowner who doesn’t want his or her house to be comfortable and inviting. Some people assume that it takes a major renovation or remodeling project to add warmth to a house, but in reality, a few key changes are all that is necessary. If you wish to make your abode cozier, consider the following suggestions.
Color It Right
The fastest way to warm up a home or any specific space in the house is to add color. Shades of red are most recommended for adding warmth, but this doesn’t mean you cannot use any other color. You have the option to use earth tones, such as brown, mossy green or sage; you can also use yellow for a more cheerful indoor environment. Using color can be tricky, so be careful. Know that you need not repaint an entire room for your desired transformation. If you do not wish to repaint a large room, color the ceiling instead; you can also paint part of a furniture, such as the back wall of a bookcase.
If you wish to skip color altogether, that’s fine. Believe it or not, white can add coziness to a house as well. To prevent a drab and cold look though, don’t stick to just one tone. Make sure you have a layered look by choosing similar neutral hues for walls, furnishings and accent pieces.
Don’t Be Afraid to Mix and Match
The warmest, most inviting homes are those that are well-put together but are not exactly matchy-matchy. So don’t be too serious when it comes to decorating your house. Eccentric and whimsical touches (like flea market finds) can boost your home’s coziness factor up several notches.
If you have two kids who share a bedroom, add warmth to the space by providing a different quilt for each bed. The mismatched quilts make the space not only more interesting but also more comfortable. A dining area can also look amazing despite mismatched chairs. Merely paint the chairs in the same color for a unified look.
Add the Right Touches
What you use to accessorize your house with is part and parcel of what makes it cozy, so make sure to get—or at least display—the right items in your home. Know that you need not splurge on brand new stuff; just make use of what you have. The easiest way to add warmth to a house is to put quilts or blankets in places that make them easily accessible. In the living room, stack these—preferably in different colors and textures—in an ottoman or side table, or drape them over chairs; the key is to make them within reach always. For the bathroom, get a couple of mismatched towels and put them in a basket.
If you like to read, use your book collection to warm your home. Stack them on the coffee table, display them on a console or just fill your bookcase with them. The sight of all the literature brings coziness in a snap.
Bring the Outdoors In
Make nature closer to you, and make your home more inviting in the process, by having plants inside your house. You can even have a plant of your choice adorn your bathroom. If you do not want to bring plants indoors, you can frame a leaf or dried flowers and use these as artwork.
This home improvement article was written on behalf of Heritage Cleaning. Heritage Cleaning is a Scotland-based business that specializes in stone cleaning.