Do You Have Tech Talent? How to Put It To Good Use

Are you known amongst your family and friends as “the one” they can call when they have a computer meltdown? Do you program for fun? Enjoy taking gadgets apart and putting them back together in new and improved ways? If this sounds like you, then you might be tired of treating your passion like a mere hobby. Fortunately, there are ways for you to turn your pastime into a prosperous endeavor. Here are some tips for how to put your tech talent to good use:
Get an Education
Many techies are self-taught. While that’s a great thing, it’s not exactly something you can prove on paper. If you want to branch out and broaden your horizons, then you will need to network with others to find viable opportunities for flexing your tech muscle. That means you will need some cold, hard documentation backing up your talent. An education is the best way to do that. These days, almost every reputable institution of higher education offers a computer science program. Choose your major and full speed ahead!
Make Connections
It’s likely you already have a team of supporters – a network of people who know what you are capable and believe in your ability to expand on that. Call on all of your cheerleaders for help spreading the word. When it comes to getting relevant experience, it is important that you connect with as many people as possible who can open doors for you and introduce you to new connections.
Build a Portfolio
You don’t have to have an arsenal of previous paid project work to build a sound portfolio. However, you do need some proof of a job well done, as well as solid references to back you up. As a techie, it should be relatively easy to put together an online portfolio where you can showcase work you’ve done in the past, whether it be web design or mobile application coding. Whatever your future plans are, and whatever stage of the game you’re at, the time to start putting together a portfolio is now. You can always expand and improve on it as you go.
Teach Others
Even elementary, middle, and high schools recognize the value of technical skills these days, offering computer labs and information technology courses as part of a basic curriculum. Put your tech talent to good use by teaching others with the same interests. There is perhaps no better way to give back and promote enthusiasm for technology than by helping to shape young minds.
As you can see, there are many approaches you can take to developing your tech talent and making the best use of it. Why not try one or all of these great ideas, and just see where they take you?
About the Author: Bryon Langolf is an independent contractor who often works with businesses to help streamline their tech processes. He works with business phone systems and computers and builds websites for friends on the site.