What to Expect from Best Big Data Certification

data scientist certification

When you are beginning out or breaking into an industry, it usually is very difficult to ascertain what kind of skills and competencies to possess, which certifications to go for, and where to look for in case you have doubts. Unsolicited advice coming from different corners doesn’t help much.

It’s often misleading as to how big data often translates only into the jobs of big data engineer. But that’s not the truth. There are a whole lot of other corporate occupations you can come across such as a few mentioned here.

data scientist certification

This article tries figuring out the fundamentals of big data for beginners to make the maze easy. Nothing mentioned here is exhaustive on the topic of best big data certification or best data scientist certification. You can always go for a greater number of certifications on the topics lined out here. The best big data certification is one which offers you expertise in below-mentioned technologies, frameworks, and programming languages:

Different Big data frameworks:

Apache Hadoop: It’s a parallel data processing and distributed data storage framework  

Apache Spark: A framework for the processing of parallel data

Apache Kafka: It’s a framework for stream processing 

Apache Cassandra: it’s a database management system based on distributed NoSQL

Different programming languages on big data:

Java, Scala, Python, and R

Different availability of job opportunities after getting hold of the best data scientist certification:

Data analyst: The responsibilities for these jobs are to deal with the customers and clients for the identification of needs, analysis and interpretation of data, report building, and data visualization.  

Data scientist: As a data scientist, you are supposed to assess data sources along with the establishment of procedures on data collection, application of algorithms, and mine data on machine-learning techniques.

Data architect: Database designing and development of relevant documentation as well as the policies are the key roles that a data architect are supposed to play as part of their job.  

Database manager: Another course for your future after completing any renowned best data scientist certification. In your incumbency as a database manager, you have to control database performance. Moreover, you must troubleshoot different corporate databases along with the upgrade of hardware and software from time to time.     

Big data engineer: There are a lot of tasks like designing, implementing, and supporting big data solutions when you are incumbent as a big data engineer.

Different big data programming paradigms:

Declarative paradigm: An approach based on the declaration of expected tasks as well as the expected results. However, the control flow is something which isn’t described. This paradigm is employed in database programming. SQL (Structured Query Language) is an example of a declarative paradigm.  

Imperative programming: An approach based on execution commands for programs to change state. An example of it could be backend development in Java.

MapReduce: An approach based on distributed data’s parallel processing. A large data can be processed for filtering, sorting, and parameterization for summarization of results with the application of map function.