Spruce Up Your CV and Land Yourself a New Job

Improving your CV doesn’t have to be painful and the effort you put in can certainly pay off. You can make great improvements to your resume in just a few hours.  Your CV must be high octane and include all the best information about your professional life to help you secure an interview and increase your chances of landing yourself a great job that you’re going to love.
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Express Your Passions in Your Working Life
Each CV should start with a descriptive headline and an opening summary.  The headline and summary have to be focused upon your career target and reflect your experience and interest in the area that will showcase your major selling points.
It is worth creating a generic CV but remember to tailor your opening statement for each separate job you’re applying for. One size rarely fits all jobs so you must be prepared to customise the contents of your resume so the employer easily sees that you are suitable for the position. Read through the job description carefully and pick up on the skills the employer is looking for. If you don’t possess the actual experience for the role, use your transferable skills to convince the employer to give you an interview.
What to Include in Your CV
After the opening summary you will need to add all of your current jobs and experience and add details about your achievements or how you help the company achieve great success with your contributions. You should also mention promotions or increased responsibilities. You will also need to include your skills and your education.
Optimise Your CV
If you want to upload your CV to a job site online you should optimise it so the right employers find it in their searches. Look at the keywords for the types of jobs you’re looking for and include them in your content. Make sure the keywords are used appropriately and that they work with the rest of the content so the CV makes sense and is easy to read.

Proofread and Edit

One spelling mistake could cost you the job so you will need to proofread and edit your CV before you send it out or upload it. You should also remember to add any new experiences, skills and achievements you have earned since you last updated your CV to ensure it is current and it truly reflects your capabilities.
If you find the job section becomes too crowded, you can create a short descriptive early career section. It keeps the contents neat and allows you the opportunity to show off some of your major experiences and achievements. You can also remove qualifications that are not related to the job you’re applying for such as the certificate you achieved in a foreign language when you were 13.

Surviving the Job Hunt

If you’re currently unemployed, working on your CV is a great way of increasing your chances of landing a new job. In the meantime, ensure you are claiming for all the benefits you’re entitled to so you can cope financially between jobs. Contact the advisors on the income support phone number to learn about the benefits you could be entitled to.