Bicycle Playing Cards: Who Knew Playing Cards Could Be Eco-Friendly?

Bicycle Playing Cards has produced a deck of cards that is made from sustainable materials, including the brown cardboard box that holds the deck. The absence of cellophane wrapping suggests that Bicycle has hit the nail on the head when it comes to caring for the environment, as the cards are made from sustainable forest paper, using vegetable-based printing inks for the design.
With a hemp-based theme to the deck and attractive colours and design, this Bicycle deck will appeal to all card sharps, but for parents who want to enforce the environmental message to their children, it is the ideal opportunity to achieve this in a fun and interesting way. The United States Playing Card Company has again risen to the challenge of producing an innovative, memorable product that people love to buy.
The United States Playing Card Company
This famous company has been producing playing cards and other innovative games for over 120 years, but Bicycle playing cards is their original and most iconic product. First produced in 1885, the bicycle design was used because of the popularity of riding bicycles at that time, and various themes for the cards have been used since then.
The best playing cards for magic tricks
Magicians commonly feel that the Bicycle brand is the best for doing most card tricks, as the cards have an ‘air cushion’ effect which improves handling. Sleight-of-hand is also improved by the special coatings used on the cards, enabling beginners and expert magicians alike to benefit from Bicycle’s commitment to excellence.
Each deck is made with great care and precision, and in addition to the magicians’ range they can be bought in a variety of colours and designs, including:

  •  ‘Iraq’s Most Wanted’ decks, which identified members of Saddam Hussein’s government
  • ‘Bicycle Prestige’ designed for competitive players
  • A ‘Ghost Deck’ which uses black as the main colour, apart from red hearts and diamonds in the corners of the appropriate cards
  • A special 125th Anniversary deck with the dates 1885-2010 printed underneath the numbers on the corner of each card

The eco-friendly decks should appeal to everyone, however, and Bicycle playing cards have introduced a modern twist to a very old method of keeping both children and adults entertained. By helping people to adopt an environmental awareness, the United States Playing Card Company has proved yet again that it can make a concept fun and engaging for consumers.
David Hamer is an online author and has written many articles on this topic.