Best Mobile Trading Applications of 2012

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Changes within the global financial market have been very pronounced in 2012 with the introduction of mobile trading apps and platforms. The new technologies are reported to have been well-received by Forex traders, brokers and financial institutions, who have taken up the advancements and are using them to their advantage.

So what are the concerns?

Besides the profoundly positive impact taking place with mobile trading, growing concerns of recent web-based innovations have led to fears of a volatile market. The European Union have responded to these reservations by proposing several measures to restrict High Frequency Trading, the term given to programs that use complex web-based algorithms to analyze multiple markets and transact orders based on market conditions. So far, the EUs suggestions have been rejected by the UK government on the grounds that there is no evidence to support the allegation that HFT is a direct cause of market instability.
So the question remains, should traders embrace new mobile trading applications and technologies or resist it? The increasing role that developments like HFT are playing amongst traders and brokers has provided some insight into the direction that the current financial market is taking. Good examples of this are the Automated Trading Champion, which allows people to enter their trading robots into a simulated market environment and see how it fares. The aim of the game is to generate high profits through fixed transactions. Participation in this annual competition has doubled since last year, one of the many indications that trading is moving away from direct human involvement.
Mobile trading remains one of the primary signs that the financial market is moving away from personal transactions however. As of last year, smartphones became one of the main drivers of online forex and currency applications. Allowing investors to check their stocks and execute orders, the mobile market has come out with increasingly sophisticated apps over the past 12 months.
Now in 2012, traders and brokers are offered significantly reduced risk without any room for human error as the market becomes more tech-oriented. In terms of leading mobile trading apps, the highly recommended ones include TD Ameritrade’s mobile app, which is compatible with a large variety of devices at this point, and the Metatrader 4 mobile trading app, which is one of the most popular applications to be released by its software developers.

Change is Inevitable

Technology innovations have changed the face of many industries in the past few years. The rise of mobile trading in particular has influenced online dynamics and consumer practice. This can be seen acutely in financial markets, especially with regards to forex and currency practices. Whether good or bad, these innovations are only the surface level of the global move towards a machine-operated society and won’t be going away anytime soon.

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