Tips To Keep The Fire Alive In Your Relationship

keep to keep the fire alive

Should you accept your lover’s strange fetish? Many people feel that fetishes are not normal and that they are taboo in some way but really, fetishes are quite common. It is absolutely crucial that you learn to accept your partner’s fetishes if you want to keep the fire alive in your relationship. There are many different type of fetishes, some that are tame and some that border on bizarre or even painful.  A fetish should never be the whole process of sexual gratification as that is more akin to an obsession.  True fetishes are more of a focus on an inanimate object like shoes or even a certain body part like the foot.  Some fetishes involve materials such as silk or leather. Below are the top three male fetishes that are quite common.

Body Alterations

One of the top fetishes for men is women who have had body alterations such as piercings or tattoos.  They love a woman who dares society’s conventions and do things to their bodies that most people, let alone women would do.  Women with tongue or vaginal piercings are highly sought after by this type of man.  This fetish can also include their own body modifications such as genital piercing and tattoos.  The body alterations tend to be more sexual in nature than many of the other fetishes as they include genitalia and tongue piercings.  For some men the more dramatic the body alteration the more of a turn on it can be.

Shoes and Other Women’s Clothing

Shoes, women’s clothing and feet are all pretty even when it comes to the top three fetishes for men.  Some men feel a huge sexual urge when they see a beautiful woman wearing spiked high heels and others want to have their women’s used panties after they have worn them. In fact, so many men want to buy used panties online that Google adwords shows over 20 000 searches per month for these, and many websites sell used panties in complete confidentiality. These are all very common fetishes for men and while they do not need these specific items to be titillated, they certainly can help a sexual encounter.  Shoes are probably the most common fetish of the three and these men want to see their women in a pair of sexy high heels and nothing else when they are having a sexual encounter.

Leather Fetishes

Leather fetishes can run the gamut of simply wearing leather clothing before sexual encounters to full on gimp masks and body suits.  Leather is also a very common type of fetish and there is an entire industry that is dedicated to it.  There are also private clubs that are dedicated to the leather fetish where all people, not just men, who have this fetish can join together and share explore the love of leather.  There are many types of leather clothing that can turn a man on from a leather bustier to leather panties.  For some men, it doesn’t really matter what piece of clothing is made out of leather as long as it is worn before or during the sex act.

Fetishes can be very a very healthy way to spice up the sex life and people who take their fetish in stride are considered very healthy.  It is only when the fetish turns into an obsession should one worry about their fetish getting out of hand.