7 Cracking Tips When Buying Safety Boots (Everyone Should Know

Sometimes, we happen to come across news about accidents and its attendant injuries that occur at the workplace. Granted that certain professions or day-to-day activities have their own work hazards, the truth still remains that when safety precautions are put in place and also strictly adhered to, mishaps at workplaces would be reduced to its barest minimum. Accidents often lead to injuries and injuries negatively affect productivity.

The importance of buying the right safety boots can never be overemphasized considering that most times, workplace accidents are often caused by the type of safety shoes worn by the victim. Many of the avoidable injuries that occur in factories and industrial hubs as a result of slips, lacerations, trips, bruises etc are either remotely or directly due to improper workplace footwear.

Listed below are important things to consider when buying safety boots.

Be Sure About Size

Safety boots, unlike some other run-of-mill leather footwear, are meant to be sturdy and quite firm. However, the irony is that some people erroneously believe that buying a safety boot that is a tad oversized is ideal to ensure more room space and airflow for the feet. The reality is that such a practice is wrong and counterproductive. A bogus boot can lead to injuries such as concussions, fractures, and sprains. To avoid such dangers, you must ensure that the safety boot you are buying is the right fit for you.

Looks come second

When buying a safety boot, beauty is never a criterion. The primary purpose of wearing a safety boot is not to impress anyone rather it is to ensure that your feet are well-protected. Be that as it may, if you happen to find the perfect safety boot that meets the safety standards and equally appear gorgeous, well good for you but always see it as a bonus and nothing more.

Focus on Quality (Rather Than Price)

The wise saying about being penny wise and pound foolish is a phrase you should be wary of when buying a safety boot. Your number one priority when going for a safety boot is to ensure that your feet are well-protected. This means that you shouldn’t buy a safety boot just because it is cheap or to forgo one because you found them expensive. What should be your motivating factor in selecting the one to buy is quality. How durable is the boot? Can it withstand wear and tear? Is it strong enough to deflect the impact of an external force on it? Is it balanced enough to guard against slips etc? If it ticks the boxes on those points then by all means necessary buy it but, if it does not, then do not waste your time or money on it simply because it is relatively cheap. The consequences of buying a cheap but unreliable safety boot can be severe and you may end up spending more on treatment and lost man-hours due to the injuries you sustained.

Try on several models

Trying to select the perfect safety boots can be a little time-wasting and stressful but it is absolutely worth it. You should avoid the temptation of rushing through the process while being distracted by other things. Make out the time you will use specifically for the purpose of buying your safety boots. You should check several models to know the particular one that suite your peculiar needs. Is the boot ASTM rated (American Society for Testing and Materials)? What sort of protective toe caps does it come with; steel toes, aluminum toes, or composite toes? However, if your workplace has magnets or metal detectors then you may have to avoid safety boots with steel caps. An example is “804-4378”

Don’t Forget Your Socks

For the overall benefit of your feet, it is crucial to always put on socks before wearing safety boots for several reasons. Socks not only absorb moisture but can also prevent friction that can occur between your boots and your foot. By wearing clean socks, it will go a long way in preventing germs, blisters, and irritation. A pair of socks can also help to keep the feet warm.

Comfort is the key

Safety boots can be bulky and even downright heavy or painful to wear and walk around with effectively but in this regard, some safety boots are relatively more comfortable to wear than others even with the same standard of quality and durability. So, whether you are buying for yourself or employees; it is also important to ensure that the ones you buy are comfortable enough to walk around with.

Stay updated with current fashion trends

You can stay updated with current fashion trends but this must not compromise the primary purpose of wearing safety boots which are to protect the feet from injury as well as overall safety at the workplace. In an attempt to appear trendy, some organizations make the mistake of using improper sneakers as a replacement for safety boots. You can make use of safety sneakers but ensure that the basic safety needs are met.